5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid: Which Club Should You Carry?

Many golfers debate whether they should play the appropriate shot with a hybrid or a wood club. The good news is that you have lots of options. However, it may turn out to be tough to pick only one. 

This article will compare 5 wood vs 3 hybrid clubs using different factors. We also suggest some situations for using each piece of equipment.

Let’s dive in!

Overview On 5 Wood and 3 Hybrid

Wood and hybrid clubs are the most popular tools to be included in a golf bag. Both of them offer a wide range of variants. This article will focus on comparing the 5 wood and 3 hybrid modes. 

5 wood

A fairway wood golf club has a circular type head. Its construction is similar to a driver, although it is significantly smaller. In comparison to the driver, a wood’s sweet spot is closer to the green. It features a flatter club face as well.

A 5 wood club looks like a driver

3-woods and 5-woods are the most popular fairway woods. 3-woods have a range of 15 to18 degrees. Meanwhile, 5-woods will be range from 20 to 22 degrees.

3 hybrid

In terms of look, construction, and purpose, hybrids are a cross between a fairway wood and a hybrid.

Some people call hybrids “rescue clubs.” Many golfers find it difficult to hit the long irons, so they switch to a more flexible hybrid.

A 3 hybrid club is a great choice for beginners

Many beginner golfers utilize a 3 hybrid club rather than long irons. The bigger clubhead and greater loft allow better strokes for the typical player.

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The Comparison Of 5 Wood vs 3 Hybrid

Because of their structure, 5 wood and 3 hybrid clubs serve different purposes. Let’s have a look at their characteristics.


Hybrids are usually lighter and shorter than wood. A standard 5-wood, for example, is 42 inches long. Meanwhile, a 3-hybrid is 40 inches long. Longer shafts might make it more challenging for golfers to keep a steady swing.

Thanks to its weight, the 3-hybrid appears to be simpler to achieve greater ball flight.

The sole of a fairway wood is considerably larger than that of a hybrid golf club. Hence, a 5-wood is easier to contact the green before the hit, resulting in a poor shot.

Hitting off

The 5 wood is bigger than a 3 hybrid, making it simpler to hit off the tee. The club gives you a leg up on shorter and narrower par 4s. It also offers longer par 3s when the iron doesn’t cut it.

Despite the increased loft, the 5 wood looks almost identical to a 3 hybrid. Both of them can offer confidence when striking off.  However, the 5 wood may be a better solution if you have trouble with your driver.

Drawing ability

Many golfers have a difficult time starting to pull the ball. However, things change when the players can hit a wonderful push draw. The draw may start right and bend towards the goal when they first start.

The over-spinning shots wreak havoc on the player’s total distance. Unfortunately, Too many players struggle with the slice and lose too much yardage from those shots.

Hybrids offer a fantastic setting for eventually hitting a draw or stopping the slide. The setup with the offset and short shaft makes it possible to boost the draw.

Swinging technique

A golfer should use a more straight swing while striking a fairway wood. As it hits the ball off the fairway, the clubface should be parallel to the ground.

A hybrid allows the golfer to approach the ball from a steeper angle, comparable to how the iron would get struck. A solid hybrid shot can result in a divot that extends slightly beyond where the ball lands.

Yardage advantage

The 5 wood option may go further than its competitor based on the head’s size and the shaft’s length.

The 5 wood may fly longer and give more total distance in specific scenarios, such as from the tee or a perfect lay. In heavier terrain, however, the hybrid option may be the superior option.

The 5 wood may fly longer


The 5 wood is simpler for hitting off the tee. Meanwhile, the 3 hybrid offers so much variety in the fairway and rough. The hybrid is one of the most flexible clubs in your bag, giving you a solution in almost every scenario.

Some golfers may even opt to walk around the greens after hitting a bump. The 3 hybrid seems to have evolved from clubs like rescue clubs or the tight lights. These tools allow players with a mid and high handicap to catch the ball in the air. They also offer a shot on longer pars.

Loft options

Hybrids are quite simple to put up in the air. This function might be advantageous if you frequently find yourself in the 180 to 200-yard area and have to stop your ball.

Hybrids are simpler to strike the ball and keep it

Nothing is more depressing than carrying the ball to your chosen landing point only to have it roll through and off the ground. This extra loft may help to carry the ball longer and then have a higher chance of landing on a firmer green.

Golfers from all skill levels are choosing 3 hybrids as a reliable alternative. These clubs can strike the objective on the green and keep it. Numerous LPGA players have had significant success playing with the hybrids.

Which One Is Better?

The main distinction between a 5 wood and a 3 hybrid is the distance it can go. While a 5 wood is ideal for tee shots, a 3 hybrid isn’t as effective.

The difference in their length also helps distinguish them from one another. The 5 wood club would be the best on the fairway as a result.

Most golfers, however, may choose the 3 hybrid solutions. It offers great flexibility off the tee, in the fairway, and the rough as well.

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We have compared 5 wood vs 3 hybrid clubs. Although many golfers opt for the 3 hybrid, the 5 wood club still has its outstanding advantages that you can’t ignore.

Hopefully, you can find the most suitable club for your game. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Thank you and see you in our next update!

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