Are Putting Mats Worth It? How To Choose A Good Putting Mat?

Putting mats are an excellent tool for home practice. However, some golfers still wonder about their quality and value. Are putting mats worth it?

According to our experts, putting mats are well-deserved for their excellent benefits. Therefore, investing in a putting mat is rewarding.

Putting mats provide better responses to your putting stroke. Thanks to the speed and weave that the mat offers, golfers can improve two main concepts of putting: distance control and straight hitting.

This article will discuss the benefits of the putting mat in detail. We also provide some tips to buy a good mat. Let’s read on to discover!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Putting Mat?

The effectiveness of the putting mat depends on the quality and the type of mat you pick.

Of course, putting mats don’t take primary responsibility for improving your putting stroke on their own. However, putting mats can help since they provide the four perks for golfers.

A putting mat offers four benefits for golfers

More practice

In virtually every sport, hitting balls over and over is necessary to enhance performance. Golf is one of those sports where a lot of practice is critical. 

This tool is also simple to set up at home. You, therefore, can practice whenever you want.

Enhance putting stroke

Your putting stroke can improve if you practice more with it.

Of course, whether you succeed or not is dependent on the skills you train yourself. Putting mats, on the other hand, can assist you with the putting drills.

There are a variety of mats with lines and markings to aid with positioning. You can track your ball’s movement, allowing you to develop more accurate putting techniques.

On their linked mobile phone applications, several putting mat makers offer access to various fantastic drills. This feature makes putting practice more straightforward and more enjoyable.

Optimal option over the carpets

Although practicing in the controlled environment of your home is ideal, doing it on home carpets has a lot of drawbacks.

Even when you hit an accurate stroke, the ball will spin and wobble on most carpets. As a result, you’ll never know whether the ball goes offline because of you or because of the rug. 

Another factor to consider while installing your carpet is the distance. A house carpet’s bobbles and weaves can’t make them real golf surfaces. Hence, it’s not a suitable place to work on your distance control.

Thick carpets will cause the ball to go too slowly. It may negatively affect your sense of timing and speed.

Practice with the putting mat is superior to any kind of home carpets


The practice has a strong bond with both increased quality and increased confidence. Any golfer would tell you that a bit of self-assurance while playing on the green never helps.

Putting is a very psychologically demanding aspect of golf. This sport necessitates a great degree of ability, concentration, and confidence in the face of a single bad putt.

As a result, everything that aids in the building of confidence can only be a beneficial thing. Practicing your distance control and stroke on a putting mat regularly can certainly help.

How To Choose A Good Putting Mat?

Putting mats are available in a variety of sizes and forms. They also come with different functions to satisfy the demands of multiple players.

There are some factors you should consider to choose the right putting mat for your need.

Surface quality

Regarding putting mats, the quality of the surface is the most significant factor that you should consider first. Poorer-quality surfaces come from poor materials that perform differently than the actual green.

By contrast, the finest putting mats will produce a genuine roll on the practice putts and nearly match the ground of a golf course. They’ll also have a stimp rating to indicate how speedy the surface is.


Mats that are longer and wider are more flexible. They can help golfers practice their skills with different angles and lengths, simulating the situations they’ll experience on the course.

New golfers have found that reducing their number of three-putts is the fastest method to lower their score. If your room is big enough, you can practice both the foundations of putting and the proper distance on a big putting mat.

If your room isn’t spacious, you can choose the smaller mats.  These mats are much easier to store and move around.

Smaller mats limit your short putt practice. However, all golfers understand the value of short putts. Smaller rugs allow you to develop from short distances and increase your putting stats considerably.


A putting mat with lines and grid marks may be pretty helpful. They serve as training tools for achieving correct posture and a smooth stroke. 

It’s worth mentioning, though, that too many marks and lines might be disturbing to certain people. These golfers choose to play on mats that are less complicated in design. 

Some golfers like to make their own patterns on non-lined mats with a permanent pen. 

Different types of putting mats might have steep hills, making practice more hard and intriguing.

Different patterns affect the way you practice

Durability and storage

If storage is your concern, look for a mat that folds up securely and conveniently carries. This design also makes it much easier to set up every time you pull it out of the closet.

If you are rolling up the mat regularly and transporting it about, you may want to make sure it’s of high quality and long-lasting.

Investing in a high-quality, durable putting mat will prevent it from breaking down. With proper care, your mat can last for years. 


The final consideration in deciding which putting mat to buy is the price and value of your investment.

Some of the most expensive and biggest putting mats can cost hundreds of dollars. There are, however, good putting mats with the price under and slightly over $100. 

The price has its own value. If the putting mat matters a lot to your performance, you should buy the most expensive mat you can afford.

When picking a putting mat, remember that almost every putt you ever make on the golf game is straight. You aim to hit the golf ball in a straight path towards the target.

Any putting mat should, at the absolute least, assist you in improving your stroke so that you can constantly shoot straight putts. Larger mats also can help you practice distance management in an ideal scenario.

Final Thoughts: Are Putting Mats Worth It?

You can practice the basics of putting more regularly with the assistance of the putting mat. Whether you keep the putting mat at home or on the move, it’s a great way to get more training time without having to go to the green.

Hopefully, you will find an excellent mat for the best of your performance. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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