The 8 Best Center Shaft Putters for 2022

The golf clubs have a central shaft design that provides high stability and precision in every shot. Although not so popular, we cannot deny the benefits that center shaft putters bring.

There are many different brands and models of center shaft putters on the market today. This rich development leaves many wondering what is the perfect choice to improve the best straight shot performance.

In the article below, let’s take a look at the top 8 best center shaft putters in 2021. Our review is based on real experiences and objective reviews from users.

Let’s read together to find the right choice!

The Best Center Shaft Putters In 2021 

If you are hungry, here is a quick pick!

  1. PING SIGMA 2 KUSHIN C PUTTERBest for Short Shots
  2. Ray Cook Golf Silver SR500Best for Beginners
  3. Wilson Staff SouthsideBest for Power Assist
  4. Odyssey EXO PutterBest for Multi-material Integration
  5. Seemore FGP Mallet PutterBest For Accuracy
  6. Exotics Wingman Shaft PutterBest for Modern Technology
  7. Mini Giant Deep Flange PutterBest for Classic Design
  8. Putter Taylormade Truss Tm2Best for Stability


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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Ping
  • Category: Mid-Malet
  • Weight: 360 g

Product’s highlights

At the top of our list is a center shaft putter from the Ping brand. We cannot deny the achievements that Ping has achieved in decades of product research and development.

The Sigma 2 Kushin C is the best golf club on the market, offering comfortable and efficient hitting. Accordingly, the club provides the perfect short shot for any golfer.

When making short strokes, some people often tremble in the knees and hands. It greatly affects the outcome of your shot.

But when done with the Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C, you will feel more confident and secure to make your short shot well.

All golfers look for center shaft putters with stability and certainty at the touch. And they are all included in the Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C. That’s why this Ping stick becomes the first choice worth considering.

The interesting point in Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C is the ability to customize the length of the shot. With this ability, you can completely put the ball accurately.

Besides, these Ping brand center shaft putters also offer obvious balance and stability. We found the product a smart choice for those with lower handicaps, especially golfers looking for safety, simplicity, and reliability.


  • Good for short shots
  • Stable design
  • True roll face model
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Bottom line

Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C possesses excellent stability and solidity. Moreover, when applying a short hit to Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C, you notice a noticeable effect.

In addition, the True roll pattern provides a higher amount of MOI when the club hits the ball. From there, deliver the perfect shot like never before.

#2. Ray Cook Golf Silver SR500

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Ray Cook
  • Size: 35”
  • Steel material

Product’s highlights

The Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 is a great product for those just starting out in golf. As you know, in the early stages, the player will have many rapid changes in fighting style. Therefore, investing in expensive golf clubs is not necessary.

We are not saying here that using a quality golf club is bad. But it is quite expensive. So it’s best to start with cheaper clubs.

Ray Cook has seen the problem and put together some great options for you. The Ray SR500 is the perfect putter for both price and performance for beginners.

This brand has many different models, but we rate the Ray SR500 version as the best. It has a solid center shaft that helps you stay upright when hitting the ball. The club provides a bit of head weight, allowing you to make repetitive shots smoothly.

For what it costs you to buy the Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500, you’ll get all you need for a beginner. Consider this option, it is the perfect product for you.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to align
  • Soft grip, medium size


  • Unstable

Bottom line

With a low price, Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 becomes the first choice for beginners. While you can change your playing style quickly, these center shaft putters save you a significant amount of money. What’s more, the club provides head weight so you can comfortably repeat your shots smoothly. 

#3. Wilson Staff Southside

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Wilson Staff
  • Dimensions: 48.54 x 5.63 x 5.63 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

Product’s highlights

For $100, can you find high-quality center shaft putters? Quite possibly, most notably the pick from Wilson Staff SouthSide Infinite. 

I’m sure you won’t find another test of putt sound as good as the Wilson Staff South Side Infinite in such a cheap price range.

The sound of the ball hitting the club is a scratchy putt, providing a rock-solid response. You can compare them with 2-3 times more expensive clubs, and it would not be easy to get such a good feeling.

So, why is the sharpness of this sound important? Simply because it proves that the support is stable and the finishing level in the club’s design is at a perfect level.

Wilson Staff SouthSide Infinite offers 6 distinctive head shapes. Because of such a wide range of options, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right club oil for your shot.

Not only that, these clubheads have all upgraded in both weight and design. So, we’re sure you’ll get good shots with center shaft putters under $100.


  • Provide good sound
  • Wide selection of clubheads
  • Cheap
  • Great performance


  • Only suitable for beginners

Bottom line

Wilson Staff SouthSide Infinite has made our list of 10 best center shaft putters in 2021. It offers good sound effects that are hard to find in clubs as low as $100.

Plus with 6 head shape options, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right club oil for your shot.

#4. Odyssey EXO Putter

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Callaway
  • Category: Mid-Malet
  • Weight: 360 g

Product’s highlights

With the Odyssey EXO Putter, you’ll get the effects of Callaway’s latest 3 innovative technologies. They are all the most notable technologies today: Exo construction, White Hot Micro hinge, and Stroke Lab Weighting.

Exo construction combines a premium multi-material construction with a lightweight 6061 die-cast aluminum cage and a stainless steel headpiece. This design offers a high number of spurious MOIs. 

Not stopping there, Exo also provides users with face balance and toe suspension options. As a result, your shot will be more effective.

Next comes Callaway’s legendary White Hot Micro hinge insert technology. In the test version, we found that the technology is capable of instant scrolling. It helps you to control the distance and accuracy the fastest.

Finally, there’s Stroke Lab Weighting that saves weight transferred to each clubhead. From there, you can optionally alter the dynamic performance for a smoother and more precise shot than ever before.


  • Extremely high MOI
  • Modern technology
  • Good control of speed and accuracy
  • Durable
  • Beautiful design


  • Expensive

Bottom line

Featuring 3 of the latest Callaway technologies, the Odyssey EXO Putter provides extreme MOI weight along with precise control of ball speed and direction. Odyssey EXO Putter becomes the best choice for all players who want to improve their stroke efficiency. 

#5. Seemore FGP Mallet Putter

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Ping
  • Dimensions: 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Product’s highlights

A perfect selection from the Seemore brand. Specifically, this center shaft putters Seemore FGP is a great product that offers great roll and softness. That is why many golfers choose the Seemore FGP to make the most effective long-distance shots.

The remarkable thing about Seemore FGP is the amazing accuracy it brings to any player of any skill level, professional or amateur.

With a pivot design that goes just inside the centerline, the Seemore FGP creates a clear line of sight to the ball. This way, you can find the target line for the smoothest and most efficient shot.

See more FGP is structured as a smaller mallet and a larger side to offset. The Seemore FGP offers visual comfort with a pivot in the heel while ensuring its consistency.

Although smaller in size than other similar models, the Smaller mallet is generally still large enough to support alignment. So, you can rest assured about the accuracy that Seemore FGP brings.


  • Average price
  • Provide standard short distance
  • High precision
  • Offers 4 length options
  • Soft when hitting


  • Simple design

Bottom line

Despite its simple design, neither frills nor too eye-catching, we still highly appreciate its performance and accuracy. It can be said that the Seemore FGP is a killer of straight hits within 15 feet.

#6. Exotics Wingman Shaft Putter

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Wingman
  • Dimensions: 48 x 5 x 5 inches;
  • Weight: 1.35 Pounds

Product’s highlights

The Edge Wingman Putter Tour is a great option that’s good for your budget. For $200, it packs a lot of smart technology to help improve your shot.

As a result, Wingman Putter became one of the 8 best center shaft putters on the market today.

Notable is the superior alignment locking technology that Tour Edge equips in Wingman Putter. Quite a few golfers actually have a great shot, but they don’t know how to line up properly. Thanks to alignment lock technology, players will line up to secure the ball into the hole.

Besides, there is Micro Groove Face technology. This technology provides a soft feel to the player, but the ball always ensures that it does not slip off the clubface.

At the same time, with the weight swap feature, Wingman Putter is always the choice you want.


  • Modern technology
  • Offers a lot of MOI
  • Stability
  • Avoid slipping the ball off the clubface


  • Light

Bottom line

The Wingman #3 Putter is an outstanding center shaft putter from Tour Edge.

With a range of state-of-the-art technologies such as Micro Groove Face, alignment locking technology, and weight swapping. The Wingman #3 Putter offers the perfect solution for an efficient straight shot.

#7. Mini Giant Deep Flange Putter

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: See more
  • Custom Length: 30″ – 39″
  • Weight: 350 grams

Product’s highlights

Mini Giant Deep Flange Black Putter is a mini variant of Giant FGP. It has a classic design in the shape of a deeper flange. Unlike its ‘giant’ brothers, the Mini Giant Deep Flange helps close the gap in terms of increased MOI.

The Mini Giant Deep Flange is a golf club focused on increasing MOI, so this ‘mini’ product proves to be extremely stable for different shots. The change in overall distance gives the expected change of direction. Therefore, it performs best on mid-shots.

As for technology, like Seemore’s other center shaft putters, the Mini Deep Flange also features a RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment system. This technology allows the player to align and set the shot perfectly.

On impact with the ball, the force balancing at the angle you set will automatically become perpendicular. Thanks to that, you only need to do a few simple steps to keep the clubface on the right track as you want.


  • Modern RST technology
  • High MOI boost
  • Close the gap increase MOI
  • Compact design
  • Mid-range price


  • Small butt

Bottom line

The Mini Giant Deep Flange is a great center shaft putter for golfers that effectively close the MOI gap. As this distance increases, this Giant mini line still ensures comfort and familiarity when standing on the ball. 

#8. Putter Taylormade Truss Tm2

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Important Specifications

  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Optional size: 33 -35”
  • Weight: 365 – 342 g

Product’s highlights

When looking for center shaft putters, you will want a product that ensures balance and stability. But the Taylormade Truss TM2 surpasses expectations by providing a new level of stability.

At the top of this club are two points that connect to the shaft. It helps to link the two parts together tightly, creating the foundation for stability. 

Furthermore, Taylormade designed the KBS stabilizer shaft to reduce deflection. So straight shots are always very effective.

In addition, the Taylormade Truss TM2 head weight can be customized to suit each person and each different hitting style. That’s why many people choose Taylormade Truss TM2.


  • Modern design
  • Stable structure
  • Applying new technology
  • Great for straight shots


  • Expensive
  • Short alignment line

Bottom line

If you have no budget constraints, we would recommend Taylormade Truss TM2. It provides incredible stability in every shot, so you’ll get better performance. Plus, with a wide range of head weight options, you’re sure to find the right one for you. 

Who Should Use A Center Shaft Putter?

Center shaft putters are for golfers who prefer straight shots over arcs.

Besides, through creating shots, center shaft putters help you improve your efficiency significantly. Especially if you are struggling with your putt, center shaft putters will give you the solution you need.

Although center shaft putters are not the current trend of golfers, we still have to admit the effects it brings. And there are quite a few people who have successfully improved their shots and golf skills thanks to center shaft putters.

The transition indeed becomes more difficult as you get used to using the heel putter. We noticed two issues affecting this conversion.

First, when using a heel putt, you will look at the ball from an angle, but when applying an off-center putt, you are almost looking directly down at the ball.

Second, the center putt feels very different. Therefore, we recommend that you do your research before deciding to change the way of polishing. From there, make an informed choice about center shaft putters. 

The Advantages Of A Center Shafted Putter

In general, center shaft putters help players visualize a straight line running from the target and through the center of the shot. Means a better feel for straight shots. Specifically, center shaft putters have the following advantages.

Create an advantage for left-handed golfer

Around the world, 29% of the population is left-eyed. Maybe the concept of left-eye is quite strange, but simply understand that the left eye keeps the subject better than the right eye.

In golf, we’ve found that left- and left-handed players use center shaft putters more efficiently. So if you are the dominant left eye and want to improve the straight ball, choose center shaft putters.

More effective for a downward tendency of the clubhead

There are a lot of golfers who like to point the clubhead slightly downwards. This is similar to the way famous athlete Steve Stricker used to do. It feels comfortable, and you can repeat it many times.

But in order to get the best out of this hit, you need to raise your heels slightly. Thus, it is very easy for you to get tired of your heels after many times. The center shaft putters are a great way to get your heels off your feet and still play pro-Steve Stricker style.

This will help you stay upright during the procedure. So repeating the shot is no longer a problem.

Reduce Twist in the shot

When making a stroke, golfers are prone to causing a certain amount of twists. To minimize the twisting to make the shot more effective, players need to adhere to some physical principles.

For example, for a normal shot, you’ll need the shaft to run into the heel. When you make shaft twists, some impact is caused to the clubface. The impact-induced in the center is the weakest, and the further towards the circumference you will get the better effect.

Whereas standard shots do the opposite, Twist always runs evenly over the entire diameter of the clubface. So the twist effect is amplified at the toe.

If you use center shaft putters, the amount of Twist will be reduced because the distance from the shaft to the toe is reduced by about half. 

The Disadvantages Of A Center Shafted Putter

Besides the advantages that we have just mentioned, center shaft putters still have some disadvantages as follows:

Not good for curvy lines

Since center shaft putters have an ideal balance design, they are only suitable for straight lines. Perhaps this is the cause of the biggest drawback – not good for performing curvilinear curves.

If you try to hit the curve with center shaft putters, you can. However, this is difficult to do consistently.

If we had to choose a center shaft putter that would best fit the curve of the ball, we would go with Seemore. Because like I said, Seemore puts the putt in the center of the shaft. So it fits the best arc on our list.

Small difference

The small difference is also a big disadvantage of center shaft putters. Because of the built-in deflection design, the shots will be easily perpendicular at impact. It will make it difficult for those who want to hit the shot when square. 

Especially if you are a professional golfer, you will certainly not be familiar with this low-displacement design.

Some people don’t like its bulky design

It’s hard to say the look is a drawback of center shaft putters. Because it only carries elements of personal preference about love-hate. You might think that shots are great with simple center shaft putters. But others don’t think so.

They feel such a shaft design distracts the player. And players will depend on it too much. 

Final Words

Above are our shares about center shaft putters. With the 8 best center shaft putters in 2021, hopefully, you will have the best choice for yourself to improve your straight shot. 

If you like stability and modern designs, choose the Taylormade TM2. And you should not ignore the Odyssey EXO Putter if you want to experiment with center shaft putters equipped with smart technology. 

Finally, if you are a beginner, the first choice is the Ray Cook Golf Silver. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the necessary information on the best center shaft putters. 

Thank you for reading!

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