The 11 Best Driving Irons for Perfect Swings

How far your ball will go depends largely on the club you are using and not how strong your swing is. Driving irons support your swing prowess because they are designed to knock the ball down through the fairway as far as it can get.

The interesting thing about the driving irons is that they are designed for all weather. While some other golf clubs might not be perfect enough to break through the wind, the best driving irons delivers penetrating shots that roll the ball below the wind to cover longer distances.

Do you have a lack of confidence in your driver and are looking for the right club to help you improve your game? We have decided to help you with a complete guide to help you make a decision.

We have a total of eleven of the best driving irons that are just right for you. However, let’s first examine those things you should consider when you're comparing the best driving irons:

  • The Forgiveness: Your golf clubs must be as forgiving as possible. This gives you the maximum contact you need with your ball and allows you to swing right. When you compare the forgiveness that driving irons offer over your regular long irons and hybrids, it makes driving irons desirable to have.
  • The Clubface: A driving iron with a hot face delivers a long-distance range on each shot. This is an attribute of design and, of course, the brand. This is why it is important to settle for brands that offer high-speed swing hot face design on their driving irons.
  • Distance Range: One of the reasons you are buying a driving iron is to maximize the distance at which you can shoot. Although, you may need to test this in a demo golf field and consider other factors such as weight and swinging too. Ensuring that your driving irons can deliver a penetrating trajectory is a pointer that it is the best buy.
  • The Material: You will find brands of graphite, stainless steel, and alloy steel to design a driving iron. The best buy, however, will be determined by your swing speed, strength, and the type of handicapper you are in general. A low-swing golfer should naturally go for a graphite driving iron, while a high-swing speed golfer should stick with steel.
  • The Aesthetics: Your driving iron must be designed to be easy to use. It shouldn’t come with long thin irons that vibrate on your hands after each strike. Your chosen driving iron must come designed in a way that makes manipulating gravity easier. Each strike must be precise and target-focused.

As a final tip, it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive before it offers leading features. Once you have tested the driving iron and it fits with what you want in a club, then you are good to go. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 11 Best Driving Irons

1. Our #1 Pick: TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club


  • Material- Graphite
  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Right

Since 1979, TaylorMade has been making some industry standard golf clubs. If you are looking to learn golf or you are already an experienced player, this driving iron with an ultra-low center gravity is all you need. It is specifically designed to offer a mid-high trajectory that makes striking easier.

It goes off the tee, covering over 200 yards with less spin that your regular hybrid would offer you. You are not going to feel any uncomfortable vibrations in your hands after the shots. Taylormade P790 is made from a graphite shaft with a 3-iron design that makes straight shots very easy.

In terms of forgiveness, experienced golfers would love that this driving iron comes with a speed foam injection which is responsible for the club's thin face. This makes it easier to generate a faster swing speed. Although it is pricey, a novice looking for a wonderful golf club for a starter and any experienced golf player wouldn't hesitate to own one of these.

Things We Like

  • It comes with injected speed foam
  • Features ultra-low center gravity
  • Very lightweight
  • Offers straight shots
  • Up to 240 yards potential

Things We Dislike

  • Quite pricy

2. Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron


  • Golf Club Flex-Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Material- Carbon stainless steel

This 2 iron golf club with an 18 degree loft is a great alternative to the hybrid club. This driving iron features a unique hallowed construction which ensures that the shaft stays strong and highly controllable to use at all times. With this, you can deliver from a mid-to-high trajectory almost flawlessly.

How else can a product assure you of an unbeatable distance range other than having a forged stainless steel construction face with ultra-soft detailing? This clean face design with a sleek steel construction shaft boosts confidence both on the tees and fairways. You will be amazed when you discover how lightweight this club is and how easy to use it is capable of being, even in the hands of a novice.

It also features low-center gravity for acute high launching off the tee or from the fairway. An experienced golf player wouldn't mind paying the price the brand is offering this model for, but it might be pricy for a beginner. There is also a need to mention that it is super forgiving, flushing the ball off as soon as you strike.

Things We Like

  • Ultra-sleek forged stainless steel design
  • Hallowed construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Great on the tee and fairway

Things We Dislike

  • Adjusting the swing takes a little work

3. Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Utility Club


  • Golf Club Flex- Regular
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Material- Graphite

If you are looking at experiencing a different feel, this club offers that unique sound and feel when you launch a ball with it. It features a low center gravity that works well with improving your shots and for better precision. This means you don't have to worry about your trajectories and straight shots both on the tee or fairway.

This club is highly forgiving, featuring a variable high strength HT1770M steel face that delivers an explosive shot both on toe and heel impact. It is probably one of the most affordable and luxurious-looking golf clubs that the brand currently offers.

The back coating and general aesthetics are appealing. It is also very lightweight and easy to handle. The lightweight feature allows for a consistent spinning of your ball. This club will undoubtedly fill a void in your game that neither wood nor hybrids can.

Things We Like

  • Amazing aesthetics
  • Lightweight stainless steel construction
  • Offers incredible distance range
  • Ideal for use on the tee and fairway

Things We Dislike

  • Little difficult to roll out

4. TaylorMade Golf SIM UDI Utility Club Driving Iron


  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Golf Club Loft- 18 Degrees

Next up on our list is this TaylorMade Driving Iron that works excellently for mid-handicappers. This isn't designed to get the ball flying in the air, but it works excellently as a low-launching driving iron. You can easily achieve a moderate swing speed with this driving iron, and you can equally achieve low spinning with it.

This club comes with an 18-degree loft, which is about the right degree you need to achieve great ball flights with enough run outs. Just like our first pick, it also comes with a speed foam injection swallowed within the hallow construction of the face and shaft. This increases the speed of your ball upon each strike while helping you to maintain a sublime feel in your hands.

The overall design enhances ease of use, and you will find the lightweight features of this club to your best advantage. Just like any other top-notch club, you may find it a little pricy, but when you consider the minimal offset advantage and the potential ball speed per launch, it seems like a fair price to pay for these features.

Things We Like

  • Stronger and more piercing ball flight
  • Great for mid-handicappers
  • Amazing silver shaft with a unique feel

Things We Dislike

  • It is quite pricey.
  • It requires effort to achieve the desired swing speed

5. TaylorMade GAPR MID Golf Club


  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Golf Club Loft- 22 Degrees
  • Shaft Material- Graphite

Filled with the most revolutionary speed foam technology, you are looking at a club that would give you the maximum launch power you need to deliver topnotch performance. The speed pocket feature gives this driving iron impressive forgiveness and enhanced playability even in low-face strikes.

Both novice and experienced players will find this club very forgiving, offering control shots, control long carry, and easy shots. In the hands of an experienced player, the club can be manipulated to deliver straight shots as it features a versatile off the tee advantage using a penetrating lower ball flight with a minimal curve.

The loft sleeves are adjustable, offering you the option of tweaking the loft to suit your aim. The good thing about this driving iron is the fact that you will instantly know when you commit a mishit. Overall, the aesthetics are generally very appealing. Also, the weight is too balanced and comes with hallow construction that enables you to feel that a shot is not just right.

Things We Like

  • Hallow construction with adjustable loft sleeve
  • Speed foam technology design
  • Forged precision
  • Controlled performance in terms of distance and speed

Things We Dislike

  • Pricey

6. Callaway Golf 2018 Men's X Forged Ultility Individual Iron


  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Golf Club Loft- 21 Degrees
  • Material- Alloy Steel

If you are looking at something quite inexpensive but powerful enough to deliver enough precision and control, then here's a product for you. You can always rely on this each time your driver misbehaves. This driving iron was crafted to render speed, precision, and power without compromising its general aesthetics.

It features a 360 degree face cup technology which works best to boost shot speed and center hits. Those with enough swing speed will find this driving iron to be a treasure in disguise for mid launching too. The ultra-sleek design is pleasing, as is the alloy steel construction and tungsten toe weighting.

The club also features an internal pocket and a hot face with enough weight to assist you in achieving a clean shot. This club is the most versatile driving iron you will find suitable for off the tee shots. The design also features a variety of loft degrees to suit your preference.

Things We Like

  • Very affordable alternative to most hybrids
  • Deep and low CG for impressive swing speed
  • Strong alloy construction
  • For tour players, proper forgiveness and a classic appearance are essential.

Things We Dislike

  • Quite lightweight for 3 iron club

7. Titleist U•510 Utility Iron


  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff
  • Hand Orientation- Left and Right
  • Material- Graphite

When this brand boasts of offering a set of golf clubs that can compete with any top club in the world, we thought their claim was too bold. We decided to believe them after seeing the graphite shaft construction with an option of both left and right-hand orientation. The stepped shaft is formidable and it comes with a custom grip that is almost entirely a signature of the brand.

With this set of driving irons, you are going to enjoy top-notch consistency in your spinning power. You are going to feel in control of your ball as the club features a stiff flex suitable for deep grooves in both fairways, the fringe, and rough. It comes in an appealing black chrome finish with a hallowed shaft for precision strikes.

Also, this driving iron is a great option for new and experienced players too. The weight is moderate, and it can compete well with its graphite counterparts. You can conveniently hit a potential 190 yards with this without much struggle. The low center of gravity and the core construction of the shaft make it feel good even during high swing speeds.

Things We Like

  • Super affordable
  • Comes in a pair suitable for both hands orientation
  • Steady lightweight feature with enough power consistency
  • Covers impressive distance per hit

Things We Dislike

  • Feedback is rather poor

8. Ping G410 Crossover Hybrid


  • Golf Club Flex- Regular
  • Hand Orientation- Right or Left
  • Golf Club Loft - 21 Degrees
  • Material- Stainless Steel

If you are looking at buying something pretty solid to strike 3 wood out of the fairway with an enhanced launch speed, this driving iron simply does the trick. It comes with an incredibly hot face made with ultra-sleek stainless steel for more efficient ball striking.

The hallowed head that appears a little longer than most driving irons would have delivered a commendable, straighter shot. You can get away with shooting your ball over 200 yards even with a mid-swing speed. The forgiveness capacity of this club is so impressive even on off-center hits. It comes with a solid feel that improves your striking confidence.

If you are looking for something to give you control in terms of speed, distance, and launching power, this brand is readily one of the top choices to pick. Furthermore, it comes in ten different appealing colors to choose from.

Things We Like

  • Very forgiving
  • Lightweight with enough shaft grip support for easy swinging
  • It offers control

Things We Dislike

  • Weighs quite much

9. Cobra King Utility Iron


  • Hand Orientation-Right
  • Shaft Material- Alloy Steel
  • Flex- Regular

With a luxurious satin chrome finish lavished on a strongly wedged alloy steel construction, this golf club cannot be denied a spot in our top eleven category. The alloy steel construction features ensure durability and core strength when you are launching a strike. It comes with an adjustable loft and sleeves to suit your preference.

Also, it comes with a hallow feature and with a 66 gram tungsten, the entire weight of the driving iron naturally suspends downwards to ensure a low-center of gravity support. This gives a more powerful initial launch power to help you cover a straighter and longer distance. You will find the forgiveness very apt and suitable for fairways, although you may expect some distance loss off the tees.

Furthermore, when you launch a shot with this driving iron, it will travel at least twenty yards further than any other 4-iron club. You can conveniently spin it or roll it out. You may find the shaft not as stiff as a stiff shaft is expected to be. Also, the club head is quite heavy and well-constructed enough to let you know when a swing is right.

Things We Like

  • Very forgiving
  • Provides adequate initial launch power
  • Low-center gravity feature
  • Solid stainless steel construction

Things We Dislike

  • Maintaining a consistent striking off the deck appears difficult

10. Srixon Z U85 Utility Club


  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Golf Club Loft- 20 Degrees
  • Material- Stainless steel
  • Golf Club Flex- Stiff

It is really hard to have this club seat on our number ten option because when you consider the command approach this driving iron offers, it is hard to not want to own it. It combines the forgiving characteristics of a hybrid with the versatility of iron to help you achieve a powerful launch on a ball.

Forgiveness is engineered into the core of this driving iron. It features a low-center gravity that allows the weight to pull downwards to enhance forgiveness. The face is engineered with a thin ultra-hot surface to assist your strikes with a powerful ball speed. This makes covering longer distances quite a natural thing for you to do.

Handling a driving iron has never been easier with a signature soft grip finish on a lightweight shaft made from graphite. Low handicappers will find this most suitable. However, the grove isn't entirely suitable for use by high handicappers.

Things We Like

  • Plays well in the hand of a novice
  • Very forgiving
  • Constructed for the powerful initial launch

Things We Dislike

  • The groves are quite weak

11. TaylorMade #2 SIM DHY Driving Iron


  • Golf Club Flex- Still
  • Hand Orientation- Right
  • Golf Club Loft- 17 Degrees
  • Material- Alloy Steel

If you are looking for a real benchmark in terms of quality and price, then considering this Ram Golf driving iron is a club you should consider. For starters, the club is designed for impressive versatility in all conditions. Whether you are aiming for a powerful ball launch off the tee or from the fairway, this alloy steel driving iron has got you covered.

The club head comes with an engineered speed foam technology that delivers considerable distance for each strike. The low-center gravity pulls the weight down to reinforce your swing with a penetrative launch. Therefore, the forgiveness this club is offering is super competitive.

Furthermore, the ultra-thin face is suspended on a shaft designed to be lightweight. Also, the design features hallow body construction. This gives you full swinging control. In terms of forgiveness, this driving iron is not found wanting, and for the general aesthetic value this club offers, we dare say it is good value for money.

Things We Like

  • Precision control for shot speed and distance
  • The forgiveness range is impressive
  • Attractive aesthetics

Things We Dislike

  • The dispersion pattern is pretty tight
  • Quite pricey


1. Is it hard to hit a driving iron?

A player with high swing speed wouldn't find hitting a driver iron so difficult. Since driving iron has a bulkier club, it is best handled by a player with enough swing speed to effect a flawless shot.

2. What driving iron do the pros use?

The most popular driving irons for pros are the 3 and 4 driving irons. You may occasionally find the 2 irons too, but it all boils down to the loft degree preference of the pro.

3. How far should you hit a driving iron?

The distance mostly differs for both genders and the loft that is being used. If you are a man using a 4 iron driving iron, you can hit between 150 and 195 yards, but a woman using the same 4-iron driving iron may hit between the 90 to 150-yard range.

4. Is hitting a driver different than irons?

Yes, it is. You need to master the positioning of your ball and angles differently for hitting a driver and iron. When hitting using a driver, position your ball inside the lead foot. This adds more launch angles when you strike and helps you cover better distances. However, with an iron, you may consider moving your ball position slightly backward, between the lead foot and the middle of the stance.

5. Should I use an iron or a hybrid?

The distance you seek to cover will be determined by you. If you intend to hit your ball farther than 180 yards, then you should consider hybrids instead of irons.


All good games and shots start with using the right golf clubs. Interestingly, we have carefully listed our eleven best driving irons, which you can explore to ensure your games are perfect henceforth.

We've considered a wide range of budget options and preferences, and we are certain you will find one to satisfy your objectives. Feel free to ask any further questions on our blog and explore our rich golf content on tips and informed buy options.

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