The 10 Best Golf Balls Under $30: Reviews & Buying Guide

Golf is a simple game. All you need to do is send a small ball across the lawn, located in a hole 4.25 inches wide by 4 inches deep. So what’s the key to getting the best out of this game? The answer is Golf Balls.

A perfect ball needs to have a beautiful trajectory, go a long distance, and land smoothly. And guess what, how much does a perfect golf ball cost? You’re probably thinking of pretty expensive prices. However, the truth is that you can absolutely own good golf balls for less than $30.

Don’t you believe it? Refer to the list of Best golf balls under $30 below. You will be amazed at what an affordable ball can bring.

Let’s get right into the details!

The Best Golf Balls Under $30

If you’re short on time, here’s our quick pick!

  1. Velocity Golf Balls – Best for High-Speed ​​Cores
  2. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls – Best for Low Compression
  3. Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball – Best for High Accuracy
  4. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls – Best for High Handicap
  5. Vice Tour Golf Balls – Best for Budget
  6. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls – Best for bad weather
  7. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball – Best for overall
  8. TaylorMade Project Golf Balls– high performance
  9. Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Balls – Best for the softest balls
  10. MIZUNO RB 566V GOLF BALL – Best for Hooking & Slicing

#1. Velocity Golf Balls

Important Specifications

  • Color: White.
  • Cover material: NaZ+.
  • Brand: Titleist.
  • Layers: 3-Piece Construction.

Product’s highlights

The most notable feature of this product is the LSX core. Simply, the LSX core is both softer and faster. Therefore, the initial speed of every swing will always be the best, whether you are a beginner or golf with a variety of clubs.

Besides, the sheath of the core is NaZ+. This core also contributes to maintaining ball speed, sending the ball farther than many conventional balls. Not stopping there, the NaZ cover also helps reduce the spin of the ball. Your swing will be as perfect as ever.

Therefore, even with a favorable price, you can still own a golf ball with high durability.


  • LSX Core Fast NAZ+ core for higher speed.
  • Create a great distance.
  • Accuracy is stable.
  • Low price.
  • Fly high.


  • Extremely low spin.

Bottom line

As mentioned, the biggest advantage of this model is speed. However, this also means that you will not control the spin easily with them.

Therefore, these are only suitable for average golfers who are not too concerned with ball control skills.

Similar product: Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls.

#2. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Important Specifications

  • Color: White, Pink, Green, Red, Yellow.
  • Cover material: Trionomer.
  • Brand: Callaway.

Product highlights

If you are looking for a soft, high-speed, low spin ball, you can stop here. Callaway Golf Supersoft is the ball for you.

The product compression core is one of Callaway’s lowest compression cores. The compression core is a softcore made of Graphene. This line of balls is one of Callaway’s lowest compression core products. 

Not only that, compared to other ball lines on the market, Callaway Supersoft’s compression is also much lower when it only reaches 35.

Another advantage of this model has optimized HEX Low-Drag aerodynamics. With this new improvement, drag will be significantly reduced. Therefore, you can fully expect the ball to fly longer and farther.


  • HEX Low-Drag aerodynamics reduce drag.
  • Soft Trionomer shell.
  • Ultra-low compression core.
  • Fastball speed.
  • Increase accuracy.


  • The ball is easy to scratch.

Bottom Lines

This model is the top choice for intermediate swing speed golfers with extremely low compression properties. Or, if you’re simply looking for a quality golf ball at an affordable price, it won’t let you down.

Similar product: 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls.

#3. Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: Only White.
  • Cover material: Surlyn.
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods.
  • Layers: 3.

Product highlights

The Said Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball is most suitable for beginners because the product can improve the accuracy of the shot and reduce the spin, something that beginners are extremely afraid of.

How is Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball designed to be able to do the above?

First, the core of the ball has great energy, which helps the ball fly far. In addition, combined with low compression, Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball will give you a smoother feeling.

The best golf ball Wilson Profile Distance for the 100 mph swing, won top marks for its high-energy core, which drives long-haul flight. The low compression structure is also its prominent feature which improves the feel. It can help you improve your shot accuracy, reduce twists, and direct the ball to your favorite spot.

And if you want to reduce the spin and the cuts, Wilson Profile Distance Golf Ball’s concave modeling technology will do the job perfectly.


  • Low price.
  • Reduce swirl, slice.
  • Soft no matter what kind of club.
  • 100 mph swing speed.
  • Longer flight distance.


  • Easy to scratch.

Bottom Lines

Flying far, reducing rotation is what you can feel when using Wilson Profile Distance. Therefore, if you want not to spend too much effort to get the ball to a far position, consider choosing Wilson Profile Distance.

Similar product: Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Balls.

#4. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Important Specifications

  • Color: Only White.
  • Cover material: Ionomer.
  • Brand: Callaway.

Product highlights

There are four points of interest at this model.

Firstly, DuraSpin Cover technology makes the ball affordable but durable, unlike the most advanced products.

The second is the core with low compression technology. This compression technology is key to the speed of the ball.

Third, the Cover material Ionomer improves speed, allowing the ball to go further than you expect.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention the HEX Aerodynamic system with the role of reducing drag. Your ball will have a long and extremely stable flight.

All these integrated technologies make the ball truly the ideal choice for high-handicap golfers.


  • Impressive durability.
  • Low price.
  • Good for distance.
  • Callaway’s famous HEX aerodynamics.
  • Highball speed.


  • Not suitable for all golfers.

Bottom Lines

Callaway is a famous golf ball manufacturer. The Callaway Warbird line has inherited and maximized the strength of the brand: distance. If you’re a high-handicap player, don’t forget to equip your golf bag with the Callaway Warbird Golf-Balls.

Similar product: Strata 2018 Voodoo Golf-Balls.

#5. Vice Tour Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: White.
  • Cover material: DuPont Surlyn.
  • Brand: Vice Golf.

Product highlights

For just one affordable price, you can own a dozen golf balls with 3-piece construction! This is true with this model.

Why is this ball considered cheap?

In addition to the advantage of the structure of a professional golf ball, the Vice Tour also impresses with the DuPont Surlyn outer shell. With this shell, Vice Tour has more elasticity and durability than what you still think about a cheap product.

In addition, these balls also have 392 aerodynamic dimples. This superior number of dimples makes for effective drag adjustment. You can expect smooth, steady balls in orbit when using them.

Under $30 for all these features is an unexpectedly low price.


  • The three-piece construction is commonly found in professional golf balls.
  • ESC core for long balls.
  • The ball can fly stably in orbit.
  • The DuPont Surlyn case is durable, thin, and comfortable.
  • The “Keep in Line” on the body of the ball helps to aid in ball alignment.


  • There are not many colors to choose from.

Bottom Lines

Vice Tour is very suitable for those who love the durability of the ability to be stable in the ball’s trajectory. In addition, if you are strict with ball alignment, Vice Tour Golf Balls will save you a lot of time.

Similar product: Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls.

#6. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: White.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Brand: Srixon.

Product highlights

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Ball have many special features for bad weather.

First, the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 features a premium three-piece construction that adopts 100% of the latest technology of the Q-Star Tour line.

Second, it is impossible not to mention the premium urethane coating. You can see the significant spin-boosting effect of this tough coating.

Finally, the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 has up to 338 Speed ​​Dimple Pattern. As a golfer, you certainly understand the effects of these deep indentations. You can rest assured, even in the worst wind conditions, wind resistance will not affect them much.

As a golfer, you certainly understand the effects of these deep indentations. Dimples on the surface make it easier for air to move through the ball. At the same time, it creates an area of ​​air that adheres to the ball, limiting the area of ​​low pressure, so that drag is significantly reduced.

All of the above built-in technologies and features prove that this version is the best for those looking for a ball for bad weather.


  • Three-piece construction.
  • Applying many new technologies of Q-Star Tour.
  • Premium urethane coating.
  • 338 Speed ​​Dimple Pattern.
  • The swing is just right.


  • Not too durable.

Bottom Lines

Experts evaluate the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 as suitable for those with clubhead speeds from 75 mph. In addition, if you love the feeling of lightness when playing golf, you must own the Srixon Q-Star Tour 2.

Similar product: Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball.

#7. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: White, Orange, Tiger, Yellow.
  • Cover material: Ionomer.
  • Band: Nitro.

Product highlights

Want your ball to fly the longest, farthest when playing golf? And Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball will be one of the best options for you to do that.

As the name suggests, the biggest advantage of these Golf Balls is the distance. The ball core is made of titanium, a material known for its efficient energy transfer. Therefore, you absolutely can own the highest and farthest golf shots ever with the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball.

In addition, Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball also impresses with its Symmetrical Aerodynamic Design. The result is a golf ball with maximum lift while minimizing drag.


  • Comply with USGA rules.
  • Suitable for players of all levels.
  • The titanium core helps to transfer energy from the clubhead to the ball better.
  • Durable Dupont Lithium Surlyn outer shell.
  • Increase lift, reduce drag.


  • Two-piece design.

Bottom Lines

Nitro Ultimate Distance is an affordable golf ball that comes with incredible quality. Whether you are a beginner or have reached a certain level, you can still be satisfied with Nitro Ultimate Distance.

Similar product: Nitro NMD12OBXC Maximum Distance Golf Ball.

#8. TaylorMade Project Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: White, Orange, Red, Yellow.
  • Cover material: Ionomer.
  • Band: Taylormade.

Product highlights

TaylorMade is a brand known for its high-performance golf balls. And these balls are no exception.

In terms of construction, the TaylorMade Project is a three-piece golf ball consisting of a dual-core and an Ionomer shell. This structure looks quite similar to some of the golf balls above. However, TaylorMade Project always knows how to reinvent itself.

The core of this model is quite special, which is softer and has lower compression. Meanwhile, the Ionomer shell does not have as many spikes as Urethane. But it completes the task related to the swing of the shot. All these designs are for the ball to achieve the best performance.


  • Dual-layer core for increased speed.
  • Larger dual-core.
  • Softshell.
  • Super far.
  • Limit drag.


  • Not too durable.

Bottom Lines

These balls are made for amateur golfers. Are you having trouble without the desired spin? Or do you have a low Swing speed? Do not worry. Your problems will disappear with TaylorMade Project Golf Balls.

Also, the softness of the ball helps a lot if you have a slower swing speed.

Similar product: Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls.

#9. Maxfli SoftFli Matte Golf Ball

Important Specifications

  • Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green.
  • Cover material: Ionomer.
  • Band: Maxfli.

Product highlights

This model has an amazingly low compression of 35. If you can’t imagine how perfect this compression is, remember, many regular golf balls have 80 compressions!

Therefore, this product impresses with a new core that is extremely soft but does not lose the ball’s ability to fly far.

Besides, you will probably be very interested in the color options. Colorful balls will make it easier to see whether the ball is in the air or has landed.


  • Bright colors allow you to easily see the ball both in the air and on the field.
  • Low compression.
  • Soft.
  • High precision.
  • Long-distance.


  • The number of indentations is 332, which is a bit less than some other products.

Bottom Lines

These balls are the pride of the Maxfli brand in terms of softness. Therefore, if you love balls with low compression and high softness, you cannot ignore this model.

In addition, the product will also be of great help to people with slow swing speed.

Similar product: Volvik Power Soft Golf Balls.


Important Specifications

  • Color: White.
  • Cover material: Ionomer.
  • Brand: Mizuno.
  • Layers: 3-Piece Construction.

Product highlights

The Mizuno RB 566V will be the most distinctive Golf Ball you’ll ever see. Because instead of only about 300 dimples on the surface like some other balls, the Mizuno RB 566V, as the name suggests, has 566 dimples.

Hundreds of micro indentations on the glossy surface will help reduce drag better than ever. Combined with an Ionomer exterior material, the Mizuno RB 566V is the Golf Ball with the longest performance and longevity among products in the same price range.

The breakthrough of the RB566V is not only in the outer shell. The core of Mizuno RB 566V is larger. And you will surely be surprised at the boot acceleration that the RB566V core brings.

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  • Three-layer design.
  • Micro-dimple, up to 566 dimples.
  • Rubber core improves ball speed.
  • Persistent ionomer.
  • High performance.


  • Not suitable for people with high swing speed.

Bottom Lines

Mizuno RB566V with 566 dimples effectively resists wind force. Therefore, even if you have a slow swing, your ball can still fly higher than you think. Besides, Mizuno RB566V is also the best choice for Hooking & Slicing.

Similar product: Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Golf Ball

The Core

To choose a good golf ball, it is impossible to ignore the parameters related to the core. Because the body is the most important part of a golf ball, how far the energy from the clubhead can drive the ball or how fast the ball spins depends on the core.

Therefore, when choosing to buy golf balls, you should pay attention to some core-related factors such as:

  • Compression: A ball with 100 contractions will suit those with high swing speeds. 90 is a medium compression level quite suitable for amateur golfers. Meanwhile, the lowest-rated compression 80 will be ideal for children, women playing golf.
  • Material: The vast majority of golf ball cores are made of synthetic rubber. Some special balls have a liquid substance.
  • Core type: single or dual. Usually, a dual-core will be the choice of professional golfers.

The Cover

Golf ball shells are usually made from three main materials:

  • Surlyn is hard plastic. However, Surlyn offers a soft feel. At the same time, golf balls with Surlyn coating always give good control. Besides, durability is also an advantage of surlyn. Therefore, beginners will love Surlyn’s ability to minimize spin, control the ball.
  • Urethane can control spin better than Surlyn. Of course, the cost of balls with Urethane coating will also be higher.
  • Balata is a mixture of neoprene. This new material offers a soft feel and good controllability. Professional players or players with a low Handicap ratio often opt for this top-of-the-line coating ball.

The Patterns

Patterns, also known as dimples, are points you should consider when choosing to buy golf balls because the small indentations on the outside play an important role.

First, the indentations help reduce air resistance. As a result, your golf ball can travel a longer distance, even if the wind direction is not in your favor.

Second, because of the ability to reduce drag, the indentations also help the golf ball fly on the right trajectory, increasing the accuracy of your shot.

Undoubtedly, a golf ball will not travel a long distance if the surface is smooth without dents.

So, how many dents should a good golf ball have?

Depending on the manufacturer, the style of the ball, the number of indentations will vary.

In theory, the more dents the ball has, the better. However, you should consider the material of the glossy surface and the technology that the ball uses. For example, to have up to 566 dimples on the surface, the Mizuno RB 566V had to use micro-dimple technology.

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Number of Pieces

Pieces index the grade of a golf ball. Typically, the number of layers of a golf ball will range from 2 to 5 pieces. Depending on your golfing experience and financial ability, you can choose a golf ball with the appropriate number of pieces.

A two-piece golf ball consists of two parts: the core layer and the cover layer. The first advantage is that it is usually cheap. If you are new to golf, choosing a two-piece ball will provide quite a good experience.

Meanwhile, more professional players will prefer three-piece. Because three-piece balls will support ball control, better lift the ball. There are golf balls with up to 4 layers. In addition to the core and outer surface, four-layer golf balls have additional layers of rubber or other synthetic materials.

When subjected to force, these extra layers will compress, thereby helping the ball travel a longer distance. Therefore, there is absolutely a basis for asserting; the more layers the ball moves, the better.

However, you also need to note, the higher the number of classes, the higher the cost you have to pay.

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Final Words

Certainly, a golf ball cannot make you immediately play golf like a pro. But a good golf ball can make you better every day.

The above claim is not a miracle but a fact. Because a good golf ball will support wind resistance, it will help you spend the least effort but have the longest flight path. And even better, for less than $30, you can equip yourself with the secret to better golf.

Hopefully, with the list of best golf balls under $30 above, you have found your own “miracle”. Thank you for reading!

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