The 11 Best Indoor Putting Greens for 2022

As an avid golfer or a new enthusiast that is better at this sport, then you need all the practice you can get. You must be intentional about taking your putting game to the next level, and for that, you would need all the help you can get. And one of such help is the indoor putting greens, a very important piece of equipment in the golf world.  

Having the best indoor putting greens is a must for you to keep getting better at putting the ball. Remember that putting makes up for about 35-55% of the whole shots in a game. So, if you are looking to go pro, you should take the greens more seriously and get yourself one. 

This article is specially curated to help you buy the best indoor putting greens for your practice. In addition, a short buying guide is also included to help with decision-making, while frequently asked questions are highlighted to clear all doubts you may have.

It is not enough to want the best indoor putting greens; you have to go the extra mile to choose the one that most fits your situation. Here are some factors to consider below:

  • Size: Since this mat should be kept indoors, you want to start by knowing how much space you are willing to dedicate to it. The overall size determines the portability of the mat. Since the mat is a piece of indoor equipment, it should be relatively easy to move around based on your preference. Note that longer and wider mats will prove difficult to handle when spreading and even rolling. When this happens, folds and creases may begin to form, which will reduce the surface quality.
  • Quality: Once you can decide on the size, the quality of the material used matters most again. Thicker mats would surely last better than thinner ones. Asides from this, when the club strikes against the surface of a thin mat, it may tear it or scratch it, and this will reduce the accuracy of your shot. In general, thicker mats will be a better investment and aid your practice better.
  • Aids: The best indoor putting greens come with some other training aids to help you be a better golfer. You should look out for aids such as alignment lines, distance markers, stimp reading, etc. All of the extra training aids will contribute to the success of your practice as they make you become more accurate in your stroke, the putting pressure applied, and so on.
  • Ease of use: The ability to set up and also pack up the indoor putting greens matter. With many extra devices comes a longer setup time, but it is worthwhile if you need those extra devices. An example is a rollback function for the ball; having this mechanism helps you bring back the ball, so with just two or three balls, you can have a great practice. is reader-supported. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

The 11 Best Indoor Putting Greens

1. Our #1 Pick: PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat


  • Rubber Material.
  • 240*50 cm.
  • Surface markings.
  • Packing bag.

This is the first on our list of best indoor putting greens, and it has surely earned this spot. A critical review of its features has landed it this hotspot. This is a perfect fit for a home golfer not only because of its quality but also for all its training aids. 

A rubber material is used as the backing to make it a solid putting mat. This also makes it easy to spread and roll severally. The durability is second to none, and it comes with a bag for packing and easy mobility.

The cut pile surface is manufactured to replicate a true medium-to-green grass surface with a stimpmeter of 10. To aid with your practice, other added training aids are included on this mat. There are printed alignment guides, target points, distance markings that can help improve your strokes, put the ball to stop in a designated zone, and etc.

Things We Like

  • It is tough and does not fray or bend easily when stepped on.
  • The markings are of high quality and would not erase easily.
  • Users have reported that the price is great.
  • You can easily practice a short and long putt.

Things We Dislike

  • There have been some concerns about its ball speed.

2. PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set


  • Two golf balls.
  • Twelve golf holes and covers.
  • Two putters.
  • Rubber/ Foam material.

This is a different design from the PuttOUT turf, although it is also synthetic. It is designed to have 12 golf holes for the golf balls to go into when you putt. In addition, the golf holes all have covers, so you can cover the one you want to at any given time. This can help you work on your stroke length either to be shorter or longer.

It also comes with two balls, so you do not have to worry about getting separate balls yourself. There are no markings at all on the surface so, it is focused on training you for stroke length. The rubber backing ensures that there is no sliding or slipping when in use. The size is generally fair, but it is longer than wider.

The two putters are 31-inches long and fit both a right and left-handed player. You can take your golf game to the next level with this indoor putting greens. The unique selling point of this brand is that the golf holes can allow for multiple players at a time on both ends of the mat.

Things We Like

  • Durability is guaranteed.
  • The setup is straightforward with or without an instructional manual.
  • It is perfect for a small competition or challenge between friends.
  • Easy to roll up when not in use.

Things We Dislike

  • It does not come with a carrying bag.

3. PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green


  • Multiple angles.
  • PET Resin surface.
  • Three golf holes.
  • 9ft x 3ft.

Among the best indoor putting greens, this stands out for its foot-like shape. Its design is unconventional, and it has some unique features. It does not only have three separate golf holes; it also has cutouts for wider angle putting. This cutout can also help with trapping the ball when it goes past the normal golf holes.

It boasts of a 10.5 stimpmeter reading when the ball is rolled, which is a great figure. Given the average price, the quality of the turf is cool, and the smoothness is okay. Moreover, the backing ensures that sliding or slipping never happens. It is a good buy for indoor golf practice and entertainment when you have friends over. There is a slight uphill towards the end with the holes and cutouts to help replicate a real-life golf course.

Since the surface is made of PET resin, you can expect nothing short of the quality that will not fold or bend in service.

Things We Like

  • It is inexpensive.
  • The design is great, and it is highly functional.
  • The size is perfect for indoor or backyard use.
  • It can be rolled up easily.

Things We Dislike

  • No training aids or packing bag.

4. BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat


  • 5 ft *10 ft.
  • Three golf-like holes
  • Three stainless steel cups.
  • Three golf poles.

If you are looking for the closest resemblance to a real golf course, then this it is. BOBURN's putting green has that design that makes you feel like you are doing the real deal outdoor. The size is really large, which gives more room for practicing your stroke.

Just like in a real golf course, it has holes with flags. The holes have stainless steel cups to hold the balls. The holes are located equidistant to each other across the surface of the green. The surface is made of rubber, just like others, and you can actually modify it as you want. 

Since there is no marking on the surface, you are free to draw yours if need be. It is highly durable, and the stimpmeter reading is about 10. Furthermore, the green at the center is greener and more groomed to be softer and smoother than the one around the perimeter.

Things We Like

  • You get that real sense of being on the field.
  • The sound from putting into the cup makes it more interesting.
  • You can modify the surface as you want, such as cutting more holes or marking.

Things We Dislike

  • It is considered pricey since there are no added training aids.

5. ProActive Sports, VariSpeed Putting System


  • Well-marked surface.
  • Polyester surface material.
  • Custom slope.
  • Training aids.

By all means, this mat is different; imagine a mat with different putting speeds put together into one. This is why it is called a VariSpeed Putting system. Four different speeds can be practiced on the mat. Although it is not wide, it is very long, up to 3 meters.

The mat is visibly marked along the length so you can know the exact stroke length of your putting. Four unique putting speeds can be selected between 7.5 to 13 by simply brushing the green in a particular direction. It also features a break wedge to practice either uphill or downhill putting as desired.

For whatever stroke length, this is among the best indoor putting greens that will help you master that putting. The nature of the green is such that visible traces are left after each putt. With this, you can always observe the path of the ball; this is also a good thing for mastering your techniques and skills.

Things We Like

  • It is durable and highly versatile.
  • It comes with a break wedge and other training aids.
  • It has prints on the surface to better understand its functions.

Things We Dislike

  • There is no hole for putting.

6. NAXOBOBO Putting Mat Golf Green


  • Baffle plate.
  • Auto-ball return system.
  • Solid wood base.
  • Crystal velvet material.

So far, we have seen different designs of the best indoor putting greens, but trust me, this one is a notch higher. This 10 ft long putting green comes with a ball return system that helps to auto-return the ball after putting. This totally eases the stress of any player during practice. You are assured that your ball will always come back to you.

It comes with clear and visible markings on the top surface to aid with practice, such as yardage, alignment line, etc. The ball return system also has a baffle plate that returns the ball even if it goes beyond the hole. The markings are at 2,4,6 and 8 ft respectively across its length to ensure you can keep track of your strokes.

Things We Like

  • The installation is super easy.
  • Balls can roll smoothly as though it is a real golf course because of the velvet material.
  • It is a great option for both beginner and experienced golfers.

Things We Dislike

  • It is costly and does not have a carrying bag.

7. PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat


  • Adjustable putting speeds.
  • Ball trace.
  • Slope simulation system.
  • Polyester material.

Just like the name implies, this 10ft putting green is quite advanced. It is made of polyester material of the highest quality to ensure that the ball rolls well on it. It is complemented with an anti-slippery backing to prevent slippage on any floor kind.

You would also love the slope simulation systems with two multi-angle slope simulators. These simulators are responsible for varying between 5 slope types as you may want to test your skill. There are also foam wedges for complete customization of the mat.

There is also the chance to vary the putting speed between 8 to 12.5. Also, you can know the exact ball path with the visible trace feature. The surface is marked from 1 to 8ft for more accuracy during practice.

Things We Like

  • Almost like a golf course simulator with rough edges and undulations.
  • It is well equipped with training aids and markings.
  • Brushing the surface also gives different speeds as you may like to practice with.

Things We Dislike

  • It has no golf hold.

8. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green


  • 9ft * 1.4ft.
  • Alignment guide
  • Auto ball return mechanism.

SKLZ is a well-known and reputable company in the golf products world. This is one of the best indoor putting greens with a ball return mechanism and at a low price. It has a putter train that creates the needed slope.

The surface is made of polystyrene/latex material for a smooth roll of the ball. An alignment guide is available at 3,5 and 7 ft respectively to help with consistent putting. The automatic ball return always comes true as a lifesaver. It eliminates unnecessary fatigue from going to pick the ball from the hole.

The slope helps you to improve your stroke power to putt. The design is simple and easy to understand, even for a beginner. In a couple of minutes, you can unbox and set up to start using in your home or office space.

Things We Like

  • You can master speed and direction control with this putting green.
  • The price is quite low compared to others with similar features.
  • The overall material quality is top-notch.

Things We Dislike

  • The incline can be a bit too steep for starters.

9. AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green


  • Three golf balls.
  • Two golf holes.
  • 38mm thick rubber material.
  • 1.6 ft *10 ft size.

This mat takes indoor practice to a whole new level. It is 8mm thick on the back to ensure a firm grip on whatever floor surface it is spread on. The 38mm front surface is thick enough to withstand any pressure during practice from the golf ball or golf club.

Since it does not have an auto ball return mechanism, one of the holes is larger than normal to contain more than one ball at a time. The smaller hole is sufficient for just one ball at a time, so you would have to do some walking to pick it up after putting. In addition, it has an alignment line to help you see the path of the ball.

The golf hole area is elevated to make practice more intense and build accuracy of putt. However, the exact stimp speed achievable is not known.

Things We Like

  • The turf is really good and almost feels natural.
  • It comes with a flagpole in the bigger hole for more visibility.
  • The front and back are sturdy for easy rolling and non-slippage.

Things We Dislike

  • Varying speed is not possible.

10. PERFECT PRACTICE Putting Green


  • Crystal velvet material.
  • Automatic ball return mechanism.
  • Training aids.
  • One golf hole.

This is another exciting addition to the best indoor putting greens family in this blog. It is quite similar to the NAXOBOBO putting green physically, only that it is 8ft long. Furthermore, the ball return system and slope add more life to the game when played on this mat.

For the record, this brand is well known among pro golfers, and one of them is Dustin Johnson. With one golf hole, you are bound to learn the accuracy of your putting faster. The ball return system is made of solid wood, including the base, so it won't damage your indoor flooring.

Clear white markings are made all over the mat to guide the player. Your aim should be better either as a left-handed or right-handed player over time using this practice green.

Things We Like

  • It has marking at 2,4 and 6 ft along the length for alignment and stroke measurement.
  • It comes in 5 different styles.
  • The ball rolls easily because of the crystal velvet top surface.

Things We Dislike

  • It can be considered pricey.

11. CHAMPKEY Hazard and Bunker Golf Putting Mat


  • Automatic ball return mechanism.
  • One golf hole.
  • 1.25ft * 10ft.

This is similar to the Perfect picture above in all ramifications, except it is 10ft long. Its velvet top surface is properly marked for guidance during practice. The ball return system is made out of plastic as against  wood that is commonly used.

Things We Like

  • It is designed to be non-slip due to possible water hazards.
  • Accuracy is better with the markings and guides.

Things We Dislike

  • Ball path tracing is not possible.


1. Are home putting greens worth it?

Absolutely Yes! You can enjoy almost the same experience as though you are on a golf course. Whether you set it up indoors or in your backyard, you can practice flexibly and as long as you want without worry.

2. Do your synthetic greens play like natural grass greens?

Well, synthetic greens are not 100% the same as natural grass. However, it gives a very close roll to the ball, just like natural grass does. You would probably not feel any significant difference in your play. More so, you do not have to worry about maintenance or shortening the length of the grass but definitely give a very close feel. All you have to do is sweep it from time to time.

3. How do you maintain a putting green?

Although a putting green is made with artificial material, it needs proper care to last long and be in pristine condition always. First, it's important to always clean it from time to time by brushing the green, so it is always upright. Secondly, rinse it with water once a month to wash off the dust that may have settled in between. Lastly, groom it with a power broom occasionally if you have one.  

4. What do you put under an indoor putting green?

Well, any existing flat surface will do. Either concrete or wooden floor or tile floor, anyone goes with a putting green. You must just ensure the surface will not do any harm to the putting green when it's laid on it, such as physical or chemical damage.


Finally, it is noteworthy that the best indoor putting greens do not have to be the most expensive on this list. It all lies in the skill you are looking to build in golf; remember that different mats offer different features. For more interesting product reviews such as this, do well to visit our blog today!

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