5 Best Face Balanced Putters in 2021 (Tested and Reviewed)

Best Face Balanced Putters

Many players find it more comfortable and efficient to hit a straight shot. But for some golfers who want to improve their shots, a face-balanced putter is a perfect choice.  However, which is the best face-balanced putter among many names on the market today? This question appeared on many social networking sites, and many debates …

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6 Best Golf Balls For 100 MPH Swing Speed – Happy Putter

Best Golf Balls For 100 MPH Swing Speed

Golf is a particular sport, possessing many different characteristics to bring players certain pleasures. And there is nothing better than creating professional shots yourself, with subtle and profound flight. To realize those shots, you will need the help of valuable golf balls. On the market today, there are many different types of golf balls, with …

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5 Best Arm Lock Putters in 2021- Which One Is Suitable For You?

Best Arm Lock Putters

Nowadays, arm lock is becoming a trend that many golfers, from professional to amateur, choose. With the variety of products currently on the market, do you still feel anxious about selecting the right golf club? With five suggestions for the best arm lock putters in this article, you will have reliable putts. Especially with stability …

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8 Best Center Shaft Putters 2021 (Advantages, Disadvantages)

The Best Center Shaft Putters

The golf clubs have a central shaft design that provides high stability and precision in every shot. Although not so popular, we cannot deny the benefits that center shaft putters bring. There are many different brands and models of center shaft putters on the market today. This rich development leaves many wondering what is the …

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