Forged Vs Cast Irons: Which Is Better For Your Game?

Forged Vs Cast Irons

Every golf iron stands out in its own way. We will focus on the forged vs cast irons, which golfers will find hard to determine the better one.  In general, forged irons are superior in distance control and feel. Meanwhile, cast irons work better for durability and distance improvement. The side-by-side comparison in this article …

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How Much Does A Golf Simulator Cost? Here’s What You Need to Know

How Much Does A Golf Simulator Cost?

If you love golf, you may already be familiar with golf simulators. This equipment can assist you in playing golf inside with a realistic feel.  How much does a golf simulator cost? The price varies considerably. Affordable models are available below $1,000. High-end versions cost $10,000. There will be some suggestions for low, middle, and …

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How to Hit Irons Pure?

How to Hit Irons Pure

How to hit irons pure? This refers to creating a solid connection between the iron and the golf balls to achieve the most significant distance from your hit. Like many other skills involved in golf, you need to take it one step at a time, starting with the correct position, followed by practice to create …

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Cart Bag Vs Stand Bag: Which is the Best Choice?

Cart bag vs stand bag

No golfer could think about playing without the proper golf bags. As there are tons of options, golfers find it confusing to choose the right one, especially between a cart bag vs stand bag. The cart bag needs a cart to stand on, but it offers more options. On the other hand, the stand bag …

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Blades Vs Cavity Back Irons: Difference and What’s Better?

blades vs cavity back irons

It might be time to invest in a high-quality set of clubs to improve your game. We will help you limit your selection to blades vs cavity back irons.  The cavity backs can boost ball speed, clubhead speed, and distance with their high degree of forgiveness. Meanwhile, the blades are best for workability with low …

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How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball?

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

If you’re a golf fanatic, chances are you’ve seen professional golfers on TV hit their ball into the green only to have it sucked back. You might think this is a miracle because it seems to break the laws of physics. You might say to yourself, “I wish I could do that.” Certainly, the good …

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Gap Wedge Vs Approach Wedge: Are They The Same Or Different?

Gap Wedge Vs Approach Wedge

Some golfers, especially beginners, often confuse the gap wedge vs approach wedge. What is the difference between them?  In short, the two terms refer to the same club. They are great for handling shorter shots close to the green. We will give you a comprehensive guide about this club and other wedges. Let’s read on …

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How to Organize A Golf Bag [ 14 Slot, 8 Slot, 6 Slot & 4 Slot ]

How to Organize A Golf Bag

One must wonder how golfers move around with the clubs, balls, and other equipment they play with. They sure have a lot of things to carry. Much more than having a golf bag to hold all you need while golfing, it is crucial to your game that you can keep everything organized. It can be …

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Scramble Vs Best Ball: How Different Are They & Which Is Better?

Scramble vs Best ball

Scramble vs best ball: what should you choose? They are two of the most common scoring formats for local events and professional tournaments.   A scramble is a tournament where the team chooses the best shot on every round until they hole the ball. Meanwhile, if the team chooses the other format, the player plays his …

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Milled Vs. Insert Putters: The Difference and Notes

milled vs insert putters

Putters are available in all shapes and sizes and a variety of designs that might be confusing to golfers. So, milled vs insert putters: what should you choose? To get the most fantastic sound and feel, milled putters have a complicated design on the clubface. Meanwhile, the insert ones focus on softening the sound and …

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