What Is A Scratch Golfer? 6 Ways to Become a Zero Handicap

What is a scratch golfer

Golfers often set many goals for their training. Among the most popular objectives is to become a real scratch golfer. So, what is a scratch golfer?  This term refers to a player who can compete at any rate on a golf course while the handicap is zero. Well, do you know how to become a …

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How To Paint A Golf Driver Head? [ Step-by-Step Guide ]

How To Paint A Golf Driver Head?

Good golf clubs are often the choice of many people. So, there will be a phenomenon where many people have the same club, causing boredom and even confusion. Therefore, people have devised a way to make their clubs have their colors and personalities not to be confused with other golf clubs. One of the simplest …

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How To Adjust Callaway RAZR Fit Driver? [ When & Why ]

How To Adjust Callaway RAZR Fit Driver?

What is the method to adjust Callaway RAZR? This driver series has earned lots of recognition from golfers because of its adjustability. Handling well with the settings included in the driver enables you to achieve better performance. RAZR Fit driver offers two remarkable technologies: OptiFit Hosel and OptiFit Weight. While the Optifit Hosel allows you …

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How Does Changing Loft Affect Face Angle? (And How To?)

How Does Changing Loft Affect Face Angle?

A face angle plays a vital role in your performance. Fortunately, you can adjust it to deal with different circumstances you will encounter on the green. Some golfers modify their loft to change the face angle. You can quickly decrease the face angle by reducing the loft and vice versa. If you know when to …

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How To Make Golf Grips Tacky Properly? [Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Make Golf Grips Tacky Properly?

Slippery golf grips result in tons of disadvantages. As a result, golfers always try to maintain their tackiness for a perfect performance. So, how to make golf grips tacky? There are two methods that you can try: Method 1: Clean the drips with soap Method 2: Sand the drips with sandpaper Both are basic to …

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How To Cut A Graphite Golf Shaft? (5 Basic Steps)

How To Cut A Graphite Golf Shaft

Graphite golf clubs are indispensable tools for golfers. However, the more technique and experience they have, the greater their demands on their clubs. Professional players find it challenging to find a club that is reasonable and comfortable for them. Therefore, they fixed their golf club directly by cutting a graphite golf shaft.  How to cut …

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Is Slazenger A Good Golf Brand? (Why?)

Is Slazenger A Good Golf Brand?

Slazenger is a well-known golf club manufacturer with a long history. For many years, the Slazenger brand provides several great choices. The two main golf items produced by this business are clubs and balls. While the Slazenger clubs help golfers with forgiveness, the balls assist them for the distance.  So, many players still wonder: “Is …

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Are Putting Mats Worth It? How To Choose A Good Putting Mat?

Are Putting Mats Worth It?

Putting mats are an excellent tool for home practice. However, some golfers still wonder about their quality and value. Are putting mats worth it? According to our experts, putting mats are well-deserved for their excellent benefits. Therefore, investing in a putting mat is rewarding. Putting mats provide better responses to your putting stroke. Thanks to …

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What Is The Most Popular Putter On PGA Tour?

Most Popular Putter On PGA Tour

Nowadays, golf has become more and more popular. Therefore, there are many golf club manufacturers in the market to serve consumers. People tend to choose the clubs that the professional players on the PGA tour often use. So, what is the most popular putter on the PGA tour?  For many years now, the Taylormade Spider …

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Is The Hammer Driver Legal? (The Benefits Of Them)

Is The Hammer Driver Legal?

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, we assume most of you are familiar with the hammer driver. However, many hammer drivers also cause controversy, especially the question “Is the hammer driver legal?”. According to the USGA, the Hammer Driver is not legal by the standards of the golf club. If you are in …

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