How To Adjust Callaway RAZR Fit Driver? [ When & Why ]

What is the method to adjust Callaway RAZR? This driver series has earned lots of recognition from golfers because of its adjustability. Handling well with the settings included in the driver enables you to achieve better performance.

RAZR Fit driver offers two remarkable technologies: OptiFit Hosel and OptiFit Weight. While the Optifit Hosel allows you to change the clubface setting, the OptiFit helps you adjust the weight. 

This article will discuss the adjustment of the RAZR in detail.

Let’s read on to discover!

Callaway RAZR Overview 

Before the introduction of customizable drivers, most players had to go through a lengthy practice to identify the right club for their swing.

The only approach to enhance the swing and find the proper driver was via trial and error. It costs lots of money and time.

Fortunately, Callaway has introduced this RAZR Fit series, which is adjustable to best fit the golfer’s skill and habits.

In many aspects, Callaway is always a leader in innovative technology in the golf world. The Callaway RAZR is one of the most renowned drivers on the Tour

This driver features some of the most cutting-edge technologies and materials. It’s also one of the simplest to customize.

RAZR Fit provides you several alternatives for achieving the best swing. The first method is the OptiFit Hosel. This technology allows you to adjust this face angle.

The second method is to use the OptiFit Weights, which enables you to switch the weights to support the player’s best-suited ball flight.

How To Adjust Callaway RAZR Fit Driver?

Callaway RAZR allows golfers to modify their clubface and weight. Let’s see how it works.


This RAZR Fit features Callaway’s OptiFit customization technology, which helps you change the golf ball’s path with every setting. It’s also simple to use. 

Golfers may directly change the clubface to three different approach positions: closed, open, and square.

Typically, a RAZR Fit is in its square mode (S) when you buy it. You will feel rather free to try out the driver with this option to see whether it suits your swing.

You may change the option to this open mode (O) if you like the clubface to be more open.

You may change the clubface state to a closed position when approaching the ball if it doesn’t seem right. Then, set the dial in the closed option (C).

There are three settings for the clubface

A cog can help regulate the setting modifications. It’s a spinning hosel portion that modifies the inclination of this shaft central line to your head.

The address of the clubface to the ball may also change if you move the gear to different configurations.

You can make use of the specific wrench coming with the purchase. Change the gear if necessary by loosening the screw of the bottom of the golf club.

When you turn the cog, you can know what your favorite position is for striking the ball.

Because the cog doesn’t displace the shaft, the grip reminder and graphics remain the same, especially when you adjust the club’s face angle.

You can learn more tips to modify the OptiFit via this video.


This RAZR Fit has the OptiFit weight technology that you can utilize to customize the gravity center of the clubhead. The adjustment allows users to correct their ball’s speed and direction.

You may alter the weight of the clubhead with two options: 2 grams and 12 grams.

This 2-gram weight should be on the heel of your golf club. Meanwhile, these 12-gram ones should be in this toe.

These two weights combine to offer a balanced setup with your RAZR Fit. 

You can also swap the weights to hit the ball off this tee or perform a slice. So, your setup must be this 12-gram weight at the heel while the other weight at the toe.

The weights contribute to a balanced setup

What Are The Technologies Used In A Callaway RAZR?

The easy adjustment feature of this RAZR Fit will only work if the remaining parts of the club’s design are of superb quality and accuracy. Here are some other outstanding technologies included in the driver.

Forged composite

As we know, Callaway applied the forged composite that is both stronger and lighter than titanium. Engineers can also accurately regulate the crown thickness, leading to an optimum gravity center and a high MOI.

The MOI is a unit of measure that shows how resistant a clubhead is to bending. The larger the MOI is, the more forgiving the golf club can be when golfers strike the ball.

Streamlined surface

A feature named streamlined surface innovation is developed in this RAZR Fit’s construction.

This ground-breaking technology tackles the confusing aerodynamic flow changes throughout the driver’s downswing, from transitioning to the contact point.

The technology can cut the club’s power losses from drag by 14%. This decrease in drag can contribute to increased club speed, which will end in longer driving ranges.

Speed Clubface Frame

Callaway launched this RAZR Fit’s overemphasized clubface design as well as precise thickness control. The advance in the club frame provides a more sharp, smooth spot. 

This cutting-edge technology also improves stress absorption and, as a result, ball velocity from across the clubface.

Golfers can benefit from the advanced technology in the driver


We have shared with you some tips about the method to adjust Callaway RAZR. This driver is a well-made tool that is simple to adjust. It will also raise your tee accuracy rate in the long term.

Thanks to the adjustable feature, you will no longer have to waste time and money to find a perfect driver for your swing.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for reading!

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