How To Make Golf Grips Tacky Properly? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Slippery golf grips result in tons of disadvantages. As a result, golfers always try to maintain their tackiness for a perfect performance.

So, how to make golf grips tacky? There are two methods that you can try:

  • Method 1: Clean the drips with soap
  • Method 2: Sand the drips with sandpaper

Both are basic to follow. These methods also necessitate basic materials to achieve an ideal result. Now, let’s read on for detailed instructions!

Why Do Golf Grips Become Slippery Over Time?

Golf grips may get slippery over time as a result of several reasons:


Due to the bright sunshine, you may have sunlight on your hands when golfing. This suncream passes from your hands to the golf grips without your knowledge, making them more sticky.


Before golfing, many players eat fatty meals like hotdogs. Obviously, this grease may readily get on the golf grips, reducing their tackiness considerably. Many people are unaware of this incident until it gets too late.

Dirty touch

Your filthy hands are one of the primary causes of golf grips getting sticky over time. Dust, filth, and grease quickly move from your palms to the golf grip.

How To Make Golf Grips Tacky By Cleaning?

Cleaning any golf grip completely is the most efficient method for making it tacky. The instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Soaking

You need to prepare a bucket, warm water, and soap. To begin, pour water and soap into the bucket, then mix them thoroughly. 

Next, soak the grip end in the bucket and wait for five minutes.

Step 2: Scrubbing

You’ll also need a scrub brush since steel scrub brushes might harm your grip. Then, hold your club and start to rub the grip. Ensure that you clean the grip thoroughly. 

Dust and filth will come out as you scrub. Remember to wipe all dirt off the opposite end of the golf club too.

Scrub your grips thoroughly

Step 3: Rinsing

After you’ve given the golf club grip a thorough scrubbing, you’ll need to wash it off with some water. You may either wash it with a new pail of water or with a sprayer. Both offer the same effect.

Step 4: Drying

Finally, let your grip dry. The best results will come by drying them with a cloth. Please don’t place the grips in your golf bag to dry because it will harm them. They will be tackier when they’ve dried.

How To Make Golf Grips Tacky By Sanding?

Sanding your golf grips is an effective way to regain tackiness. You only need to follow a few simple procedures to sand the grips adequately.

Step 1: Rubbing with sandpaper

To begin, take a piece of grit sandpaper and wipe it on the grip well.

You can also employ the rough grit immediately away since it might harm your grips. Start with a medium grit first and work your way up to a rough grit if necessary.

Step 2: Wiping

Now, use the sandpaper to rub the golf grip with up and down strokes. Make sure not to overuse the sandpaper, or the golf grip may get damaged. Maintaining a gentle grip while rubbing firmly is also necessary. 

After that, simply wipe away any extra substance from the golf grip with a cloth. You’ll have a substantially tacky grip.

Sanding is another effective way to make your grips tacky

What Happens If Your Golf Grips Are Too Slippery?

When a golfer feels their grips are becoming slippery, they instantly raise grip tension. High grip tension is terrible for a variety of reasons.

Increasing your grip tension will make your shoulders and forearms more strained. 

The strain will make it increasingly challenging for your ordinary swing to function correctly. The additional grip tension also makes it difficult for you to maintain the correct swing feel.

When your hands become clasped to the golf club, your swing will become handsy. Such swings are challenging to perform. They don’t include the major muscles that help you build a steady and accurate golf swing.

You will also have a tough time releasing the club if your hands are holding it too firmly. You can stop slicing the golf ball and straighten the clubface on impact by lowering your golf club.

You will have a tough time releasing your club

It may sound a little exaggerated that a slippery golf grip could create all of this chaos, but it is undeniably true. Experienced golfers are very serious about grip tension and keeping their hands and golf grips clean.

You’ll note how frequently they clean their palms and how hard their caddies work to keep the grips in good condition.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the golf club’s grip will be the only point of contact with it. The connecting point between the club and you should be good if you really want your golf swing to be precise.

How To Maintain Your Golf Grips?

While golf grips may not be the most pricey component of a club, they may significantly prolong the life of your club.

There are a few things you can do to make your golf grips last longer.

One easy caution that many players overlook is cleaning their hands after applying suncream. They are so eager to get their hands on a club and begin to play without paying attention to such details. 

Trying to wipe your hands is also highly helpful since it removes sunscreen and dirt from your palms.

It’s also a good idea to clean the golf grips regularly. If you clean them regularly, you can remove all of the dirt and filth, giving you an excellent, sticky golf grip.

As previously indicated, sanding them is also a viable solution for you.

Wiping and cleaning your golf grips regularly is essential


We have shared with you the comprehensive how to make golf grips tacky. You can accomplish the task by cleaning or sanding. They provide the same effect.

Since the slippery grips are annoying and decrease your performance, it would be best to maintain them regularly.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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