What Is The Most Popular Putter On PGA Tour?

Nowadays, golf has become more and more popular. Therefore, there are many golf club manufacturers in the market to serve consumers.

People tend to choose the clubs that the professional players on the PGA tour often use. So, what is the most popular putter on the PGA tour

For many years now, the Taylormade Spider X has gained a reputation as the most popular version chosen by top golfers. It has several different versions but still provides a superior experience for professional players. 

In this article, we will provide you with helpful information. Let’s check it out!

General Characteristics Of The Putters Used In The Pga Tour

The tournaments on the PGA tour are essential to golfers. Winning is something everyone will aim for.

In addition to the skills they had prepared for a long time, the tools they carried were also the best items they had.

Therefore, the putters appearing on this tour are all excellent products. Usually, they will also carry the following good characteristics:

Modern technology

Modern technology of the popular putter

State-of-the-art technology putters provide reasonable control and feel. In addition, it minimizes slippage and increases rotation to get the ball as far as possible.

The more modern technology integrated clubs, the better they do this. Specifically, you can find these breakthroughs in the C-Claw patent.


When you hold the players’ batons, you notice they’re not too heavy. However, these are possibly the hardest clubs for many people. Because using serious clubs will contribute to better results for players.


There are many materials to make golf clubs, such as aluminum, copper, and titanium. In which, steel is the standard type, and the putters that appear popular in PGA are all made of steel.

High-end material putter in PGA

This metal offers decent weight and a soft shot. At the same time, the accuracy is higher than that of other metals.

What Is The Most Popular Putter On A Pga Tour?

When you observe the tour players, you will be surprised to see that most of them use the Taylormade Spider X. Therefore, this club has the honor to become the most popular club used on the PGA tour.

Although, in the early 2000s, Odyssey 2 was also an earthquake that attracted all golfers. It rose to prominence and ranks among Taylormade’s heavyweights. However, over time, this stick no longer holds its attraction.

Meanwhile, the Spider X putter is growing in popularity, with more and more golfers placing it at the center of their golf kit. 

With many outstanding advantages, the more you play, the more you like it so that golfers can replace other putters. But they have never removed Taylormade from their pocket.

This club not only meets the elements of a famous putter on the PGA tour, but it also has its unique characteristics. In particular, it’s not just a sturdy design for shots, but it’s also a beautiful, easy-to-carry club.

However, that is not enough for an ordinary ball bat to become famous worldwide and widely available in PGA. To know and understand why this putter is the first choice, keep reading on. 

Why Is Taylormade Spider X The Most Popular Putter On PGA Tour?

When it was just released, Taylormade Spider X was a masterpiece in the manufacturer’s eyes, and they put a lot of hope into this product. 

However, in the eyes of golfers and a market filled with quality clubs, it is simply an ordinary club that has just come out.

Over time, as you can see, it has become popular in the world, especially on the PGA Tour. What made this success?


Exceptional Features

Professional players often won’t change clubs once they have found a product that serves their needs.

However, that does not mean they will reject new designs. They are ready to try with newly released clubs with outstanding features.

Fortunately, Spider X has this feature. It has beneficial breakthroughs. For example, you can visualize the path of the ball to the hole. As a result, you actively improve the swing or force of impact to increase shot accuracy.

In addition, the club has a thicker Pure Roll insert for a much better feel. The 45º grooves increase the topspin. Therefore, the ball is likely to start and go on the intended path to the right end.

Their characteristics all have a common purpose of delivering quality shots with superior precision performance. However, not stopping there, this putter is famous on the PGA tour for several other reasons.

Its design is stunning and easy to create sympathy at first sight. The club weight is just right, not too light to make it difficult to hit a powerful shot and not too heavy to interfere with the hitter.

For that reason, amateurs and pros are ready to put it in their pocket and replace their old clubs.

Many famous players use Taylormade Spider X

Many famous players use Taylormade Spider X

An outstanding stick is required to have the user’s trust. However, those features were not enough to make it popular.

The curiosity of users and widespread use of it is essentially thanks to the contributions of famous golfers.

Celebrities always have an invisible attraction for products to become on par with their names. Famous golfers are all due to their impressive golfing ability and outstanding achievements.

Of course, everyone wants to be successful in their chosen field. So, what do you do when you see your idol making an admiring shot with a Taylormade Spider X stick?

Many famous athletes have used this putter. The following names can be mentioned:

  • Rory Mcllroy: Former world number 1 for 100 weeks
  • Dustin Johnson: former world No. 1 for 64 weeks and longest-running athlete on the PGA tour
  • Jason Day: The winner of the 2015 PGA Championship and former World No. 1 in the Word Golf Ranking.
  • Jon Rahm: World Amateur Golf Ranking #1 golfer with 60-week discipline and multi-year PGA tour player
  • Jin Young Ko: at the age of 22, she won the PGA of Korea tour ten times. In 2020, she received the official title of LPGA money and became the world’s No. 1 tennis player.

These high-achieving players all use Taylormade for their matches in the PGA. So when they succeed, what emerges is not only the names of the athletes but also the sticks they used.

With the success of Spider X’s contribution, it gradually became the choice of many players. Over time, you can easily spot this putter all throughout the PGA tour. 

Which Putter Is Likely To Surpass Taylormade Spider X As The Most Popular Putter?

Although the professional golfer will rarely change the putter if he has found the club to his liking, these people are very cautious, so they always have a few other spare sticks.

Of course, they are also ready to replace when the current putter does not satisfy them.

Because of that preparation, these athletes have a complete putter collection. They are all super products that can bring new impressive achievements.

However, their top pick is still the Taylormade Spider X. But this is not the only club that appears in the name of this tournament. You will also see many other impressive putters that also have a certain degree of popularity.

The Spider Tour is the second most popular type of club you’ll likely see athletes use. Or the GSS of Odyssey’s Toulon is also a beautiful club, which would be in 3rd place. 

In addition, Superstroke’s Pistol GT is the club for the perfect high shots that many famous players choose to use.

GSS of Odyssey’s Toulon putter

Of course, these are only temporary results. With the current popularity, they are completely capable of surpassing Taylormade’s Spidex to rise to the top.

Compared to features and design, they are not inferior to the currently popular putter. 


Professional golfers will often only use the clubs they love to participate in major tournaments like the PGA tour. Therefore, they need to choose the best types to help the performances on the field go well.

Each type of stick has its own characteristics. Whether those features promote well or not depends on the needs of each person to use.

It would help if you chose a club that is right for you to have an exciting golf game. Hopefully, through this article, you will find yourself a favorite golf club. 

If you have any questions regarding the most popular putter on the PGA tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are always ready to assist you.

Thank you for reading!

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