TaylorMade vs. Titleist Irons: Which Is Better For Your Game?

A great iron can be your ideal assistance to conquer every game set. However, looking for the correct item is complex with the increasing number of golf brands.

Many golfers compare big brands, such as TaylorMade vs. Titleist irons, to find the ultimate tool. If TaylorMade is a better choice for low-handicappers, Titleist wins in the mid-range of handicaps.

A side-by-side is necessary to determine the winner. This article compares the variety of irons for players of various skill levels. The idea of how they sound, feel, and perform is also included. 

Now, let’s read this article to learn more!

TaylorMade Vs. Titleist Irons Comparison

Both brands are popular in the golf industry. And this article focuses on their iron products only.

Every iron manufactured by these companies gives a remarkable degree of forgiveness, distance, and feel. However, each model is especially beneficial to some extent.  

We use the handicap scale to determine the ideal choice from two brands. In each handicap range, we suggest the best option from the brands for a fair comparison. 

High handicappers

SIM2 Max is one of the best options provided by TaylorMade when it comes to high handicappers.

This club comes with Eco Dampening technology and offers a high level of forgiveness and fastball speed. As a result, it assists golfers in positioning the back in their club.

If you want to look for a Titleist iron for high handicappers, go for the T400 model. It helps golfers maintain the ball speed while also promoting forgiveness.

Besides, the equipment features a hollow construction to help your shots fly straighter and more extended.

In the first battle, it’s a tie result since the two brands offer similar impacts. 

Mid handicappers

In terms of mid-handicappers, the P790 outshines its competitor in the TaylorMade collection. The item allows players to perform at remarkable ball speeds. It also assists in controlling the distance. 

Many golfers love the soft feel this iron gives as well. This feature results from the SpeedFoam technology equipped in the clubhead.

Regarding Titleist, T300 should be your choice. The T300 features a narrower top line and a shorter offset than the T400. 

Titleist T300 iron is better for mid handicappers

The Max Impact feature in the T300 Iron allows for full speed without losing face forgiveness. Moreover, the feel and sound a T300 offers are unique because of the polymer core.

In this range, although both are beneficial to golfers, the Max Impact technology in Titleist iron seems to outweigh the TaylorMade. 

Low handicappers

If you are a TaylorMade fan and looking for an item for a low handicap, P790 can be your sidekick. 

The P790 gives the player better control while still providing sufficient forgiveness, thanks to the SpeedFoam. This function works as a sound absorber, providing a very soft feel, forgiving, and distance.

On the other hand, T200 from Titleist appears to be a good alternative. Thanks to the Max Impact technology, you can deliver higher ball speed from virtually every hit point on the clubface.

The T200 Iron contains 90 grams of tungsten placed from toe to heel, helping increase MOI. Its thin L-Face keeps the ball moving even when the stroke is low.

Although the gap between the two tools is minor in this round, the TaylorMade product still wins. It offers a great extent of distance, forgiveness, and a soft feel.

TaylorMade P790 is superior for low handicappers


The P7MC from the TaylorMade brand is the ultimate golfer’s iron, focusing on accuracy over forgiveness.

A 2,000-ton press leads to a more refined grain pattern and a firm, stable feel. The Compact Grain Forging in iron adds to its quality. 

Moreover, the P7MC features a thin topline and increasing offset that looks fantastic. 

Consistency is maintained by a tiny sole and a leading edge that runs the length of the grass. Also, for those miss-hit shots, the Muscle Cavity provides you a little more flexibility.

The Titleist T100 has a firm feel owing to its entirely forged design. 

According to the player, it comes with more technology than the TaylorMade P7MC, which might be a benefit or a disadvantage.

T100 also features tungsten which sits from heel to toe in the mid and long irons. This aids in the management of the CG and the formation of greater forgiveness.

The T100 Irons, like the P7MC, have a thin sole and thin top line to support turf contact.

With outstanding characteristics, both brands offer high-quality irons for professional golfers. As a result, there is no win in this round.

Both irons are ideal for professionals

Which Irons Should You Choose?

Both irons are of high quality. If you need to select one option from them, the answer must be:

  • For high handicappers: both are good.
  • For mid handicappers: Titleist T300 is better.
  • For low handicappers: TaylorMade P790 is more suitable.
  • For professionals: Both perform at the same level.

In general, the gap in performance between these irons is tiny. You can feel free to choose one of them for their game and still work well. 

You can also have more ideas in choosing the suitable iron via this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding TaylorMade and Titleist irons. Your decision may turn out to be more straightforward with these answers.

What Titleist iron is the most forgiving?

It should be T400. This iron gives players the most distance while also delivering the most forgiveness.

Thanks to the broad Split Sole and body shape, increased ground contact and a clean strike are also possible. A hollow head design provides a high MOI, allowing for a lengthier and clearer flight.

What TaylorMade iron should a 20 handicapper use?

The Taylormade M6 irons perform as game-improvement irons, although they may also be suitable for distance irons.

They can achieve high handicappers who struggle with iron precision. As a result, you may expect them to have a high level of forgiveness.

What is the best TaylorMade iron for beginners?

If you’re a beginner, the essential thing you can do to improve your game is to concentrate on striking more fairways and increasing overall distance. The M6 is a good option in such a case.

What is the easiest Titleist iron to hit?

The T-series from Titleist are popular because of their excellent performance and simplicity. You can choose either T300 or T400. They both support your swing and distance while also providing a sense of forgiveness. 


We have compared TaylorMade vs. Titleist irons. Since their performances are equivalent, the final decision depends on your preference and requirements. 

Aside from the quality of the equipment, your skills contribute considerably to the game’s result. As a result, you need to put extra focus on improving your abilities. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to bookmark Brainstormgolf.com. Thank you for reading!

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