What Does Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves? How To Get The Right Size?

Preparing golf equipment is crucial for every competition. About 20% of golfers wear cadet gloves for their performances. However, they are unfamiliar with the phrase. What does “cadet” mean in golf gloves? Is it different from the regular golf glove?

This article includes all the answers you need. We also offer a method to calculate your cadet size. Let’s read on to discover!

What Does Cadet Mean In Golf Gloves? 

The term “cadet” relates to the glove’s finger width and length. For wider and shorter fingers, this is typically the best selection. 

In comparison to ordinary gloves, the gloves provide better control and comfort. As a result of its distinct hand design, cadet golf gloves are popular among children, men, and women.

Cadet golf gloves are a popular choice.

Cadet wearers can adjust their abnormally large hands. Thanks to the adjustment, they concentrate more on increasing their accuracy, distance, and grip.

Cadet golf gloves feature a larger back and palm than other gloves. You’ll also note that the finger covers are shorter and the entire length is smaller. Finally, it comes in several sizes for different users, just like a standard-size glove.

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What Is The Difference Between Regular Golf Gloves vs A Cadet? 

Choosing the right gloves for your hands may make a huge impact.

Cadet sizes have bigger palm measurements, which is one of the most evident distinctions between these two glove kinds.

These gloves are the best for players who have uneven hands and fingers. As a result, the glove sizes may vary.

Some people still mistake this special glove form for a huge variety of standard sizes at times. In such a situation, the fingers are the important item to keep an eye on.

A cadet glove’s fingers are generally 1 inch shorter than a regular one. Because the hand and palm are larger, the fingers would be generally shorter. 

If you’re looking for a new glove, look for the cadet kind. Even a small amount of extra space might cause irritation and blisters if the glove is too tight in your hands.

A cadet glove’s fingers are generally 1 inch shorter than a regular one

Cadet sizes are available in the same sizes as regular products. These exact fits are available in different sizes, from small to double extra-large.

The palms are always wider. Meanwhile, the fingers appear to be shorter. These facts are always true no matter which models you pick.

Should You Wear Well Fit Golf Gloves? 

Yes. For both the comfort and quality of your performance, a precise fit is crucial. There are some reasons for it:


A well-fitting glove allows a golfer to swing the club with ease. If you are playing in full daylight, it’s even more important to have a good fit.

If the glove isn’t fitted to your hand, it will slide as perspiration flows on your hands. Everything gets worse if you are a sweaty person.


A sloppy glove not only detracts from your attention but also draws your focus away from your goal. You may not follow the ball path as normal because of these distractions. While playing, a loose glove starts wearing out quickly and falls off as well.

Hand protection

Loose gloves offer greater space inside. As a result, the fabric will rub on your skin, causing bruises and irritations.

How To Choose The Right Cadet Golf Gloves?

You may pick from a variety of cadet sizes, just like you do with regular styles. The basic categories like large, medium and small may appear to be sufficient. The glove should not be too loose on your wrist for the optimum fit. Also, check if there are any other rooms available. It indicates that the finger segments should not be bigger than yours.

The size of a golf glove is important.

Aside from the size, there are several other considerations:

  • Material: You should check the material first. Synthetic gloves seem to be more robust and do not shrink with time. Furthermore, leather gloves, although being lighter, generally wear out faster.
  • Dexterity: Some golfers only wear one glove. If you have this habit, you should always wear it on the non-dominant hand. For example, the right-handed person had better get the left glove.
  • Weather: If you’re gaming in a chilly and damp area, you’ll need particular clothing. Go for waterproof gloves on rainy days to keep your hands dry. Furthermore, these fittings are custom-made. They provide more grip, especially on the slippery club handle. Winter days, on the other hand, necessitate the use of gloves with proper insulation.

Observation is the last thing to do. Check to see whether the glove wears out soon after swinging. It might impact your control and stability.

How To Check My Cadet Size? 

There is no standard sizing chart for gloves. So the most we can do is make a simple comparison between a cadet vs regular golf glove.

First, let’s get to know the dimensions. We use finger length and hand circumference to measure the glove’s size. 

The finger length is the gap from the wrist crease nearest to the fingers. The circumference of the hand is evaluated at the knuckles.

The finger length of a cadet is approximately 3/ 8 inches shorter than the regular size. Meanwhile, the circumference has expanded by roughly 1/8” to 3/ 8”. This is an excellent rule of thumb. You can check this out for more information about cadet size


Now you may have a correct answer to the question about the right cadet golf gloves. A cadet size is different from that of the regular glove. However, you can use the standard dimension to calculate your size on a cadet. 

Besides the size, other factors like material or weather are also important for your decision. It would be best to consider all of them before buying.

Hopefully, you can find the perfect glove for your competition. 

Thank you for reading!

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