When To Use A 60 Degree Wedge? Some Basic Tips For You

In addition to good technique, you need the right club to produce high results on each stroke. There are many different types of golf clubs on the market. 

In particular, the 60-degree wedge is one of the golfer’s favorite products. Many people say this cane is quite flexible and gives them more confidence. 

However, it is not always suitable for all situations. When to use a 60-degree wedge? In this article, we will show when this bat will work at its maximum.

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When To Use A 60 Degree Wedge?

The best time to use a 60-degree wedge is when the ball is near the green or the surrounding landscape has many tall trees. You can also use this club when the ball is near the hole to increase accuracy.

1. You are in a difficult situation

When your golf ball is off the green, where it looks rough, you should use a 60-degree wedge to help the ball bounce into the air and travel further. Meanwhile, those using clubs such as wedges or 9-irons in this field will get the ball entangled in the weeds.

2. You have to overcome obstacles like hills or trees

The shot from the 60-degree clubs will send the golf ball into the air quickly, as previously mentioned. Therefore, a hill or tree in your path will not be a big deal with the help of this stick. Your ball will gently overcome obstacles and have a spectacular landing.

You have to make the golf ball come to a quick stop on the hitting surface

Golfing on courses with fast greens will be more difficult than on other classes. To overcome the undesirable, players use a 60 wedge for shots around the green.

The higher the ball flies, the lower the number of rolls on the green. Besides, you can also use this club to add spin to your shots. As a result, you have shots closer to the hole.

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Is It Necessary To Use A 60 Degree Wedge?

The 60-degree wedge is versatile and very useful in difficult situations. So, this club should be in the pocket of any serious golfer, from beginners to average golfers and low-handicap.

There are many good reasons to think about having this wedge in your bag. First, it will help you solve a better shot when falling into the 3 cases mentioned earlier.

Second, the club comes in handy when you need a little extra loft and length when playing on modern courts. Holes tend to be more difficult in these places, and more complex bunkers are placed around the green, so a slightly longer club makes it easier to control the ball.

Third, tolerance is better when you hit the ball hard. This feature is a huge boon for golfers who are not confident with their hitting skills or accuracy on the grass.

You can have better ball control before the shot and don’t have to worry about the ball going over the green, entering more holes, or deep rough. In other words, your shot will be more accurate.

The 60 seems to offer more benefits to the player, especially for all team levels. So it’s still a better choice than the 58, 59.

How To Use A 60 Degree Wedge Effectively?

You can make an item show its full potential if you know all its uses and uses. Similarly, do it with a 60-degree wedge.

There is a lot of information you need to know about this club. But the number one recommendation is to learn how to bounce on the club. 

Each wedge has a certain bounce to prevent golfers from sticking their club in the ground and hitting shots. This bounce is very useful, but it usually only lasts 1 to 2 years because it breaks due to not knowing how to use it.

You can practice getting used to this degree, and better control it with a few simple taps. You just put the club on the ground and do a consistent backswing. Through the swing, you slide the club, gently pushing the ball toward the hole.

When hitting the ball, you must remember not to push the hinge of the hand or club. The hinge will help increase strength, but this only happens when you use it correctly.

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Tips For Increasing Distance When Hitting A 60 Degree Wedge

When using a 60-degree wedge, many people fall into a state of putting the club too high or the distance is shortened. You can fix these errors by doing some of the tips below:

Needs a downward slope to compress the ball 

Try to move the golf ball back into the golf position toward your back foot. When hitting a wedge, the golfer needs a downward slope to compress the ball and take advantage of the club’s loft. 

Therefore, you should hit the ball further back and create a steeper angle. As a result, the distance will increase significantly. In addition, when standing in this position, the feeling of swinging the club will be easier.

Using more power

When holding a golf club, your hand needs to exert more force so that you see three knuckles on your upper hand. Using more power is key to keeping your clubface angle neutral. Or the club is in the closed position when it makes contact with the ball.

Hit the ball higher

Using more power to hit golf ball

If the grip is not firm, the clubface will tend to open up. Thus, the golf ball flies higher instead of straight. The higher the ball, the harder it is to go. At the same time, the weak impact force will cause your shot to be off-target.

Keep your body weight on your front foot and hit the golf ball so that the tip of the wedge touches the ground and creates a divot. Maybe some grass in the yard will fly away. But they will soon grow back. So, do not hesitate to let the stick make strong contact with the ground.

Keep your weight in front

When you swing the club too fast to avoid damaging the grass on the wedge, the ball goes up and gets weaker. As long as you keep your weight in front, your shot will hit the ground better.

At the same time, with the stronger impact combined with the flexibility of the 60-degree wedge, your shot will have a beautiful flight path.

Most importantly, you will improve the distance when the application does this. This pose will also work with other clubs. Therefore, golfers pursuing distance achievement must perform this technique professionally.


You can use a comfortable 60-degree wedge in any situation. However, in difficult times, this stick is very useful. 

Therefore, it is essential to own and grasp this club’s advantages if you are determined to pursue this path. In particular, when falling into those difficult situations, the support of this golf club cannot be ignored.

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