The Inside Out Golf Swing – How To Perfect The Skill?

Inside Out Golf Swing

Professional golfers understand the importance of an inside-out golf swing, but only a few of them can do it. So what is the inside-out golf swing?  The technique refers to the swing that goes in a circular pattern from the inside to the out. The golfer hits the ball on the backside of the loop, …

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Helpful Tips On How To Calculate Your Golf Handicap

How To Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Handicap is a valuable indicator for players to participate in matches regardless of skill, age, or gender and help assess a golfer’s ability. If you want to participate in tournaments, you cannot ignore your handicap. So, are there ways to improve this score? How to calculate your golf handicap?  You can calculate your golf handicap …

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How Many Dimples Are On A Golf Ball? Here’s What Experts Say

How many dimples are on a golf ball

The shape of a golf ball, especially the dimple design, has a significant impact on the ball’s aerodynamic performance. So, how many dimples are on a golf ball? A typical American ball has 336 dimples, whereas the British version has 330. Yet, these numbers might fluctuate dramatically, ranging from 300 to 500. Manufacturers make balls …

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The 11 Best Wedges for High Handicappers & Beginners 2022

Best Wedges for High Handicappers

More often than not, golfers tend to underestimate the impact of having a good wedge. Wedges are primarily to take short-distance shots such as pitch shots, approach shots, chip shots, etc., so they must be precise. For this reason, a typical wedge would have a varied loft which is in the form of an angle. …

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How To Bend Golf Clubs Lie Angle At Home

How to bend golf clubs lie angle at home

In golf, each player uses a golf club with a different lie angle. And practice also proves that some changes can significantly improve the accuracy of shots. However, not everyone can easily successfully adjust these parameters. And you may also have difficulty getting the club back to its original state. To avoid these errors, do …

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What Is A Scratch Golfer? 6 Ways to Become a Zero Handicap

What is a scratch golfer

Golfers often set many goals for their training. Among the most popular objectives is to become a real scratch golfer. So, what is a scratch golfer?  This term refers to a player who can compete at any rate on a golf course while the handicap is zero. Well, do you know how to become a …

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The 11 Best Indoor Putting Greens for 2022

Best Indoor Putting Greens

As an avid golfer or a new enthusiast that is better at this sport, then you need all the practice you can get. You must be intentional about taking your putting game to the next level, and for that, you would need all the help you can get. And one of such help is the …

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The 11 Best Budget Golf Rangefinders for Distance Control

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is an essential piece of equipment to have if you are serious about improving your game. While golfing club gear and equipment typically don’t come cheap, there are many functional rangefinders you can get at budget-friendly prices. Rangefinders are designed to help you as a golfer estimate the accuracy and distance of their …

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The 12 Best Irons for Mid Handicappers

Best Irons for Mid Handicappers

As a mid-handicapper, your choice in irons can make or break your game as they tend to be the most used on the course. Irons propel the ball toward the hole, and as such, you need good quality clubs to play with. In your irons as a mid-handicapper, what you need is sufficient forgiveness that can …

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The 12 Best Irons for High Handicap

Best Irons for High Handicap

While pros in the game are looking for irons that can help them with acute precision and control, as a high handicapper, you should be looking for clubs that can help them shoot the farthest. Playing with the wrong club just makes the game boring and even stressful. You suffer a lot of mishits and your …

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