Are Golf Chippers Legal? Everything You Should Know

When it comes to chipping over the grass, golfers may be aware of a golf club known as a chipper. A chipper may be a useful tool for players who struggle to go back and forth. 

However, the chipper doesn’t look like a typical club. Is it legal with golf chippers? In which situations may you use it? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of a golf chipper?

Let’s read on!

A Golf Chipper Overview

A golf chipper looks a lot like a putter. It features an eight-iron loft. There are also other models with nine iron.

In most cases, the chipper is also a little shorter than the putter.

The chipper can roll a lot since it has a lower loft than other wedges.

A golf chipper can roll a lot

When striking a chipper, you should aim for around 20% air and 80% roll most of the time.

It takes some getting used to the volume of roll you receive. Once you do, a chipper appears to be a simple club to hit.

Because of the swing’s size, you must take, there may be some errors.

Many golfers question if chipping with an eight or nine iron may provide the same effects. The answer is yes, but it takes time for practice.

Is It legal With Golf Chippers?

It is legal to use a golf chipper on any course, even professional games. However, there are some conditions for the allowance of a chipper. First, the game is not two-sided. And second, there is no putter grip included. 

A golf-chipper makes the game simpler for more individuals, just like the way fairway woods and extra wedges assist golfers in facing different problems.

When is A Golf Chipper used?

A chipper is a type of green club. You will not get a very high chipper loft. It appears to be much more of a crash and run clip. If you’re in front of the green with the pin in your back, the chipper is a great option to try.

A golf chipper works like a bump-and-run clip

If a lob wedge or a sand wedge is not something you like, you can quit it at any time. A chipper’s miss is nearly always better than a lifting wedge. You have another place to employ a chipper when bypassing the green and are amongst the clubs.

With a chipper, you may help support it to the hole, then take a half-swing with the pitching wedge. You can get the ball beyond the goal if you hold the ball lower to perform a certain stroke.

Can You Utilize The Golf Chipper For A Competition?

It is completely allowed to play with your chipper during a golf tournament. However, it needs to feature a standard golf grip. Obviously, your golf chipper is clubs allowed in the bag for the tournament.

If a chipper is your 15th club, you just pass only the 14 club rule. You’ll have to take one out before beginning your round.

If you cannot do so, you will get a penalty. This penalty will add up to your total four strokes of around. You will do the penalty at the holes where you used the extra club. 

May You Use A Golf Chipper For The PGA Tour?

With PGA Tour, the chippers are permissible. Yet, you probably won’t see a golfer using them.

Chippers are meant for players with a handicap from medium to high. They can provide them with better control as well as less than the golf ball’s spin. 

As a result, they will not be a perfect choice for pros.

Can Two-way Golf Chippers Be Legal? 

It is illegal to use a two-way chipper.

Two-way chippers feature two club faces. They serve golfers as both a left-handed and right-handed club. A two-way chipper can assist you to get out of a hard position by swinging right or left.

Two-way chippers are illegal for official tournaments

The USGA has a concern with these tools because of two clubfaces in each chipper.

A putter can offer two clubfaces as long as the loft variation between them is less than 10 degrees. On each of its faces, a chipper has considerably more than 10 degrees of loft. As a result, it isn’t legal for competitions.

However, if you play golf as a hobby, you can get a two-way golf chipper to try.

Pros And Cons Of A Golf Chipper

Utilizing a golf chipper has both benefits and drawbacks. You’d better consider two sides before including one in your bag.


  • The chipper is ideal for bump as well as run because it avoids the mistakes that come with irons. 
  • You also prevent the potential of hitting the ball with the front and hitting it to the next fairway when you use a chipper.
  • Making fat chip shots may be exasperating. Some players may contemplate leaving the game altogether. It doesn’t have to reach that stage, though, because a chipper could be a perfect solution to the problem.
  • Once you’ve understood how to use a chipper, it can help relieve some of the chipping-related pressure you’ve been suffering.
  • You could be able to hit the chip shots with your wedges with ease during training.


  • A golf chipper is only useful in certain situations.
  • The most major disadvantage of adding the chipper is the limited flexibility it gives.


Golf chippers are legal for golf competitions. However, they have to meet the requirements for the accepted equipment. If not, the player will suffer from some penalty.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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