How Much Does It Cost To Reshaft Irons?

The estimated cost to reshaft irons is around $40 to $100. This cost is just a guess because it depends on your situation and needs.

Golf club shafts are usually made of two materials: graphite and steel. Although the use of different materials for the manufacture of shaft irons has widened now, there is no denying that graphite shaft irons are very expensive.

While the cost to replace a steel shaft iron is only about $20 – $75, you can spend a lot more money with a graphite iron shaft. 

Not only that, when replacing, you need a new shank for each shaft and hiring labor costs depending on the area. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Reshaft Irons?

As mentioned above, besides the shaft iron that you need to pay for, you also need more shank and labor.

Professional golfers say it is not advisable to use an old shaft on a new shaft. While you might think it saves a significant amount of money, on the contrary, it will even affect the golf course.

Yes, it would help if you bought a new shaft for each shaft to keep the club in tip-top shape. The price of the handle only ranges from $8 to $15.

As for the cost of hiring, labor will depend on the area and location you live in. It is not uncommon for you to pay a higher price to reshaft irons at repair centers than in retail stores.

Therefore, the cost of hiring labor will range from $15 to $35. Some places even go up to $100.

When To Upgrade Reshaft Irons?

For golfers, a shaft upgrade is essential, because golf clubs need to be equipped to suit the playing style of each person. 

That way, the shots will be more effective. When the iron shaft fails, you should consider upgrading the shaft when you change the way you play and feel the efficiency goes down.

When the iron shaft breaks

When your iron shaft breaks, you need to upgrade it. At this point, there are two options for you.

First, you can buy a new club to keep playing. The second option is shafted irons. If you have a lot of money and are willing to spend a lot of money to buy new golf clubs, choose the first option. But if you want to save money while your club is relatively new, consider shafted irons.

When you change the way you play

In fact, if you pay close attention, every golfer has their own way of hitting and turning. And more importantly, over the years, players tend to change their playing style.

After playing golf for many years, they absorb the play of others and transform it to become their own. So, players want to change their playing style after 1 year, 2 years, or more. And this is most often seen as inexperienced golfers.

When you feel you need to change your playstyle for better shots, you should upgrade your shaft. You should choose a new shaft that matches the way you hit the ball.

When your performance goes down

Many factors affect your golf performance. It could be technical errors in the way of turning or hitting the ball. In addition, the wrong golf shaft is also a common cause.

Sometimes, you will feel that the ball is not going the way you want or the swing is not good. Now think about replacing the shaft. I’m sure upgrading the shaft will improve your performance significantly. 

For more details on this, you can listen to expert advice in the video.

What Are The Benefits Of Reshaft Irons To Golfers?

The shaft of your golf club has a big impact on the quality of your shot. Besides, re-shafting iron can also help you save a significant amount of money.

Improved hit efficiency

The most important thing when playing golf is to improve your swing to the fullest extent.

Golfers need to know how to transmit power from the wrist through the shaft and the clubhead. In other words, the shaft of the golf club plays an important role.

When you install the shaft incorrectly, you will end up with reduced accuracy and ball speed. That way, you can’t expect a perfect shot. It can be said that re-shafted iron can make a significant difference in your every stroke.

However, you should consider carefully choosing the right shaft for the polishing method. The best way is to try out several types of golf clubs to make the final decision.

Increase attack speed and distance

When playing golf, players often tend to compete with each other in terms of speed and distance. To best improve these two factors, you should choose the right axis.

The flex of the shaft has a great influence on the balloon speed. It tells you how far and how fast the ball will fly. In other words, changing the shaft structure will help you improve speed and distance easily.

Cost savings

Usually, the cost of shafting iron is not too great. So if your club is only slightly damaged, we recommend the shafted iron option.

Before deciding to re-shafted iron, please consult and evaluate the cost to edit. Then compare it with the price of a new golf club you intend to buy. Thus, you will have the right decision to save more costs.

For example, expect to spend all-around $400 to reshaft irons and new golf clubs for about the same price. Now you should spend that money to invest in a new golf club. 

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Above are the contents that we want to share with you. Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information.

We cannot guarantee that every re-shafted iron costs you less than buying new golf clubs. And instead of investing in a new shaft, you can find an old club with a matching shaft. 

In general, do your research to make sure your shaft repair decision is worth the money. If you have any questions about the article’s content, feel free to contact us. Our experts will assist you as soon as possible.

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