Is The Hammer Driver Legal? (The Benefits Of Them)

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, we assume most of you are familiar with the hammer driver. However, many hammer drivers also cause controversy, especially the question “Is the hammer driver legal?”.

According to the USGA, the Hammer Driver is not legal by the standards of the golf club. If you are in a golf tournament, the Hammer Driver is not your choice. 

Let’s find out more clearly right here in this article!

The Hammer Driver Overview

Before getting into the legal or illegal issue of the hammer driver, we think you should have a good understanding of the product.

A hammer driver is a club that is longer and straighter than a regular club.

With a solid metal head design, we researched and discovered that it is up to 300% harder than titanium.

Not only that, but the Hammer also has a very special graphite shaft, and reviews say it is suitable for any other golf swing.

Thanks to this feature, hitting the ball out of your face is highly comfortable. And did you know Jack Hamm, a long-handled champion, is the creator of the golf course? He hoped that golfers would hit as far as his goal when he created this golf course.

However, do you think his intentions are excellent? As we mentioned in the first place on the legality of this golf club, let’s find out below.

The Hammer Driver

Is The Hammer Driver Legal?

As we introduced in the previous section, the Hammer is the club that seems to be the longest and straightest. You may have accidentally seen this stick countless times, mainly on commercial information sites.

You probably don’t know, new golfers or those who find it difficult to use ordinary clubs always tend to choose Hammer.

However, we also want to let you know that the USGA does not approve this stick. USGA is the United States’ national association of golf courses, clubs, and facilities for those of you who don’t know. 

In addition, the USGA is also the golf governing body of the United States and Mexico. Along with the R&A, the USGA is responsible for setting the rules in golf.

If you think that Hammer is for entertainment purposes, then, of course, you are right. But if you use it for competition, Hammer will have a hard time.

The reason is straightforward: a large organization like the USGA has not approved it, so it will not be easy to participate in a particular tournament.

Not only that, if you persist in using Hammer, you may soon have to be eliminated from the tournament immediately.

Do you think the USGA will change the tournament rules? We predict that this will not happen because there will be resistance from skilled players.

Besides, we also want you to know that the legal issue is not a big deal at all. You may not know, those who love to use Hammer do not seem to be very passionate about contests and strict rules organized by the USGA. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Hammer Golf Driver?

Now that you know the legal issue for Hammer is not so important, we want you to learn more about its benefits.

The first thing to mention is probably the marshmallow effect. Do you find this name interesting? The Marshmallow effect works by removing the golf drivers, as the brand claims.

To be clear, through this effect, the Hammer user can hit at least 200 to 300 times while still maintaining the speed.

Meanwhile, we all know, after golfing too many times, players often have speed problems and start to become sluggish.

Next, we want to talk about Hammer’s electric core. Power Core is the component that makes up this power core. If you are not familiar with the Power core, the mighty power center is right behind the driver.

There is one piece of information we would like you to know more about the ball’s path. Your shadow line will be longer if the power source is in the driver’s position.

And Hammer has fulfilled this desire through the power core. You can hit many balls without losing too much effort.

Finally, its benefits are the straight shaft construction. Thanks to this axis, your ball will fly farther and more straightforward.

Therefore, Hammer is an option that we think is perfect for individuals who have difficulty passing the ball.

To illustrate the power of the illegal golf club, we recommend you to watch the video below for more details.

Should I Get An Illegal Golf Driver?

On the market today, you can quickly come across any one or more illegal products, such as golf balls or illicit cutters.

However, if you are not interested in participating in a golf tournament, you do not need to overthink whether it is legal or illegal. 

Think simple when choosing because you want to be able to entertain yourself. If the tool you use meets your needs, why not use it?

With the hammer driver, the fact that you are legally using an illegal product. 


Is the hammer driver worth it?

Have you heard of Callaway or TaylorMade? We think that Hammer’s technology is not as advanced as those two brands.

In addition, the performance of Hammer is not as high as other products on the market. Of course, for a reasonable price, we think that Hammer is also an option for players.

How much does illegal golf equipment help?

By experience, we judge that the difference between legal and illegal tools is not too big of a difference.

Like the benefits we covered in the previous Hammer section, you can hit more balls with less effort. However, we found that the difference was only about a coil being five to seven feet long in practice.

If I’m not competing, what golf club can I choose?

Besides Hammer, you have a wide selection of other illegal golf clubs. You can consult and decide to choose if you like.

  • Money club high launch: the most popular illegal stick with light graphite shaft.
  • Many users also love 515cc Nonconforming at an affordable price.
  • Heater Ghost 175gr Ultra with excellent swing speed, lightweight shaft.
  • Greek Golf Fail-Safe 3 with fastball speed and great price.
  • Magic distance Offset: uses magnetic effects on the clubface and can self-adjust according to user needs.

What is the most significant legal golf driver?

In addition to questions about illegal products, we realize you should also know about legal clubs in standard sizes.

According to the USGA and R&A, a standard club is no more than 48 inches and reaches 460cc is the largest.

Final Thoughts: Is The Hammer Driver Legal? 

The Hammer Driver is not legal by the standards of the golf club. If you are in a golf tournament, the Hammer Driver is not your choice.

Finally, we want you to understand that whether it’s legal or illegal depends on what you use it for. In case you only want entertainment, then Hammer is legitimate for your needs. 

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