Where Should The Golf Ball Be In Your Stance?

A perfect and comfortable golf game comes from the most basic things, such as the position of the ball. A good ball position will make you more comfortable during play and increase your accuracy. So, where should the golf ball be in your stance? 

Let’s find out the following information!

Where Should The Golf Ball Be In Your Stance?

The right place to put the ball is where you feel comfortable. The placement of it is usually divided into chipping and putting, for bunker shots, on a slope, and also based on the range and direction of the player’s ball.

Where to place the ball for chipping and putting?


Your ball placement is highly chip-dependent. If you have a high chip, the ball should be placed closer to your front foot than normal. And vice versa.

However, the common point for both high and low chip cases is that you always need to position your whole body forward. Fixing your weight will help keep the angle of attack down when hitting.

If the ball is placed too far from your stance, this will cause the golf ball to hit the ball more slowly than usual. Therefore, this is the right posture for a straight ball on the court.

However, if you’ve played the game regularly and feel confident about the flop, hitting the ball with the front foot chip will be perfect. 

To perform, you drive the ball to the left foot, then put your body weight forward. The rest is just tossing the golf club and hitting.

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There are currently no requirements for this issue, as long as you feel the position is right for you.

Usually, people will place the ball near the center. This position of the ball helps them feel the most comfortable and enhanced results while hitting.

However, when making putters, you may need a different position than usual. To create the most natural stance when hitting, the ball will now be placed in a slightly forward position.

Where to place for bunker shots?

The bunker shot can be viewed as a shot in the sand and is viewed in a similar way to the flop shot.

Once you understand the basics of bunker shots, people often place the ball above the front foot while hitting. Placing the ball in this position gives your shot a higher downward angle, resulting in better results than with conventional placement.

Besides, for a beautiful shot and correct technique, you should still keep the position of the center of gravity forward and keep the power when hitting.

Where to place the shadow on a slope?

When playing on steep terrain, you also need to adjust the position of the ball to suit the surrounding terrain. The case of steep terrain will be divided into 2, including uphill and downhill


When playing golf on an uphill, the position of the ball more forward will be more reasonable during play.

At the same time, your hitting posture also needs to be adjusted to suit this terrain. You will lean back slightly and keep your shoulders on the axis in line with the slope. This position will put more weight on the back foot.

The golf stance described above helps you make your shots easier because the club isn’t under too much pressure.


Conversely, if you’re playing golf on a downhill, you’ll need the ball position and stance that are the exact opposite of the uphill. If you still apply for the same ball position and position, the up angle will make it difficult to hit.

Making the golf swing in the wrong position will cause the club forced to act on the ball lightly, making it difficult for the ball to reach its original goal.

How To Place The Golf Ball Be In Your Stance?

When you want a beautiful shot and high accuracy, it is very important to execute the ball in the right position with the body.

In general, how to place the golf ball often depends on the range and direction of the player’s ball.

Set within the right range

No need to try to hit every shot in the same spot! You can completely place the ball within the range that suits you.

If you’re just making a normal shot, the placement is usually in the middle of your stance. A proper shot is one that you don’t need too much effort to hit, and you don’t have to be stopped or stretched to execute.

The upper ball position helps you keep your body’s gravity balanced in every shot. Not only is it convenient, but placing the ball in the right range also enhances your results.

Adjust the ball according to the direction of the shot

Those who have experience in golf, know very well the connection between the position of the golf ball and its flight direction.

High Shot

In some cases, you need to take a higher shot than usual. Some things affect the way of fighting such as terrain, obstacles.

In order not to affect the quality of the shot, you should position the ball slightly above normal. After this is in a favorable position, hitting the ball is easier even though you have to make a high shot.

Low hit

A common cause of forcing players to hit the ball low is the influence of the wind. Adjusting the ball closer will be the right position to apply now.

Also, when hitting low, your shot shouldn’t use all of its power. You should rotate gently and apply just enough force to the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if the golf ball is too far forward in stance?

If they are too far out of your range, it will not be considered a good ball placement. Placing them too far often results in an off-center shot, which can be deflected. This affects the result of the ball flight not as expected by the player

2. Can you stand too close to the golf ball?

Standing far or close to the ball is possible, but it will affect your results and your comfort. When you stand too close, you are forced to strike with an unbalanced center of gravity when the body is almost vertical.

3. How do you know if you’re standing too close to a golf ball?

You can guess the position of standing too close to the ball based on your own standing. When you stand too close, you will create a straighter than the standard figure. At the same time, you also find it difficult to apply force from the golf club to the ball.

4. What does putting the ball back in your stance do?

Placing the ball within your range will result in more power and better results. Not only that, it also creates more comfort and precision during your golf swing.


Above is the information about where should the golf ball be in your stance that you should know. Hopefully, you can better understand this issue. 

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